Leatherface is Back With New Bloody 300 Piece Statue From Kotobukiya

We return to a horrifying town in Texas once again as Kotobukiya announces their newest ArtFX Horror statue with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The maniac Leatherface is on the loose once again, with not one but two new statues coming from the company. Both statues will stand 12.5" tall and will feature some unique detail like an articled neck and left hand. This gives collectors some customization options for their own display, like how Leatherface holds the chainsaw. To make it better, PX Exclusive is getting a variant edition of the figure that features a more bloody version of the statue, and it is only limited to 300 pieces!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies are just as iconic as Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elms Street. This killer is part of the rise of horror in the 70s, and he has stayed at the top ever since. This statue is packed with the right amount of terrifying detail and gruesome craftsmanship that will easily please any horror fan. Hell, it is a huge plus that is fans want more gore on their statue that Kotobukiya offers it with their limited edition PX Exclusive version. Both Leatherface and Leatherface Slaughter 1/6 Scale ARTFX Kotobukiya Statues will be price at $179.99. Pre-orders for the PX Exclusive Bloody Variant are already live and can be found here, but act fast. The standard edition has yet to go live just yet, but fans will find him here soon.

"Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) will now be joining the ARTFX statue lineup. We at Kotobukiya have thoroughly researched footage and materials in the film to create this definitive version of Leatherface. The head and left elbow are movable, and the way the chainsaw is held in the hands can be changed to express the duality of his personality. You can recreate Leatherface in his eerie, expressionless mask, or even display him as an obedient man who sometimes even looks frightened. By turning the chainsaw in his left hand upside down, you can even recreate the pose in the infamous movie poster."

"The mask, which has eyelashes implanted as shown in the movie, is made of soft resin and is ultra-thin and transparent to match the scale of the actual prop. The front and back of the mask are connected using real hand-tied string just like in the film. The texture of the fresh blood stains on the apron, the dust that reminds fans of the dry Texas air, and the shirts with sebum stains are all perfectly brought to life. This base comes with a 150mm diameter steel base designed to look like the on-screen text and still photo from the beginning of the movie. The statue can be placed freely on the base with magnets that are inside of the feet. Be sure to welcome this definitive version of Leatherface into your very own collection!"

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