The Seven Has Arrived As We Check Out The Boys Pops From Funko

The Boys is truly a phenomenal show as its shows the gritty side of the superhero world. This darker superhero all have terrible flaws like Homelander's dark side or A-Train's need for speed. These insecurities and hidden flaws show off the human side of these "heroes," only pulling us viewers deeper into their stories. Fans can now bring home some of their favorite The Boys heroes as the new Funko Pops are starting to hit shelves. This time, we are taking a look at The Seven this time with A-Train, Queen Maeve, Translucent, and two different versions of Homelander.

Running on in first is A-Train, who is really coming in hot with his speedy Funko Pop. This member of The Seven is packed with great color, detail, and a dynamic pose to make sure The Boys fans know this is the fastest man out there (just don't get in his way). Queen Maeve is up next with a similar Wonder Woman design, but her facial expression shows it all as she is tired of this superhero gig. Up next, the invisible pervert, known as Translucent he gets a pretty sweet Funko Pop design. His entire body is made with a translucent mold showing off her power and giving fans a sweet design.

For the main event, we have not one but two The Boys Funko Pop figure for Homelander. Up first is the common levitating version as he shows the adoring public his brightly colored patriotic outfit. This Pop is one of my favorite of the set, and Funko did an excellent job capturing his red, white, and blue costume. The second Homelander Pop is a Target exclusive red eyes variant that features a new pose and a cut on his chest. We happen to have the special edition overseas version, and any fan will want this retailer exclusive Pop in their collection. Each one of these The Boys Funko Pops is loaded with color, detail, and emotion that can please any fan of the Amazon Prime series, and they are all a must-have, in my opinion. Fans can buy their own The Boys Funko Pop collection here, and be sure to check out our other coverage featuring Starlight's Chase, Billy Butcher, and more.

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