This is the Way to Our Mandalorian Funko Pop Review [Part 1]

Funko has released a massive wave of The Mandalorian Pops since the first season of the Disney+ show has concluded we are getting the spoiler figures. We covered all of the upcoming Funko Pop figures coming out here. We will be covering five Mandalorians in this review: The Mandalorian, Heavy Infantry, and Death Watch Mandalorians will be looked at. The Death Watch Mandalorian figure is the only Pop that is exclusive and is found in GameStops now. All of the other figures can be found online and located here. So enough of the explanation its time to dive on it to the main course, let's review.

This is the Way to Our Mandalorian Funko Pop Review 



The first Funko Pop we are looking at is our main protagonist The Mandalorian. His box is no different from the rest of the series and all the figures show a Mandalorian symbol as the backdrop. There are no hidden words or phrases on the box though. I was hoping we would at least see a "This is the way," somewhere on it.

The Mandalorian is a little different from his previous figure as he is wearing his Beskar Armor set. My figure is a little off though as his head is molded more to the right then it should. This is still a nice figure though and it is nice to see an updated version of the main character. He is position holding his rifle upward instead of horizontal like in his original release. If I am impressed by this figure then I can't wait to see how the Chrome Amazon Exclusive version of this figure is going to look.

We continue on to our path with the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian Funko Pop. This is one of the first new characters we are seeing from this wave. Nothing is special for his box but the blue really pops with the white box. I was hoping this one would have a secret hidden in one of the flaps as this is the character that really started it all in the third episode with their ongoing catchphrase. Nothing is hidden but don't worry as this figure is pretty badass and a worthy accessor to The Mandalorian.

His paint scheme and massive build are nicely done. They really got the small details on him and his added flame thrower weapon is detailed pretty well also. I really appreciate the added dents and ding on his helmet too, they are a nice touch and add a nice dynamic feel to the Pop. If you're a fan of the series or of the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian this is a worthy collectible for you. With his popularity too I wouldn't be surprised if we saw more Pop vinyls come from this character too. I mean I would love to see him in a flying position with his jetpack at full blast.


The Last figure we are looking at is a blast from the past, the Death Watch Mandalorian. This figure is a GameStop Exclusive and can be found in stores now. His box is no different besides the added GameStop sticker and his blue is very nice and goes perfect with the white packaging. The Death Watch Mandalorian for The Mandalorian is honestly my favorite from the series so far.

The color and the design are something special and really POP! His design isn't that different from the rest of the figure but it's the color that makes me stand out from the rest. He was also a harder figure to find to so that could be an added factor. This is a figure you will want to add to your The Mandalorian collection and build up your ranks. This is the way.

We have two more Mandalorians we will are going to be looking at in Part 2 of our Funko. Stay tuned to take a look at the elusive Covert Mandalorian and the long awaited Funko Pop of The Armorer. The hype for this show will either increase or decrease so if you plan on wanting to add these to your collection it is better safe then sorry to add then now so pre-order yours today o find them in stores now.

This is the Way to Our Mandalorian Funko Pop Review 

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