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Transformers Comic Edition Shockwave Coming Soon from Hasbro 

Hasbro has unveiled a new set of Comic Book Edition Transformers figures, bringing some iconic heroes and villains to life 

Article Summary

  • Hasbro announces Transformers Comic Edition figures, starting with Shockwave.
  • Shockwave's iconic look from 'Transformers: New Order' is captured in the figure.
  • 7-inch Shockwave converts to Cybertronian spaceship mode in 15 steps.
  • Set to release in Summer 2024 for $39.99, with pre-order details forthcoming.

Shockwave, the formidable Decepticon from the Transformers universe, symbolizes ruthless efficiency and unwavering loyalty to Megatron's cause. He was first introduced in the original Transformers animated series and later immortalized in various comic books, starting with Marvel Comics back in 1984. Hasbro has just announced that new Transformers Comic Edition figures are on the way for the celebration of the franchise's glorious 40 years. These new comic editions are similar to the Star Wars: The Black Series comic editions with new comic-themed packaging and designs. Shockwave is joining the fight first featuring his design from the Transformers: New Order arc.

Shockwave has decimated the Autobots, has taken control of Optimus Prime's head, and is claiming to be the new Deception Leader. Hasbro has captured Shockwave's iconic comic book design, featuring his cold and calculating demeanor. Shockwave will convert into his Cybertronian mode in 15 steps, and he will come with an Optimus Prime head with base. The Transformers have had some pretty incredible comics over the past 40 years, so it is nice to see some iconic releases like this. Fans can expect Shockwave to be priced at $39.99, he is set for a Summer 2024 release, and pre-orders are not live on Hasbro Pulse just yet, stay tuned.

Comic Editon Transformers Shockwave Revealed by Hasbro

"TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS COMIC EDITION SHOCKWAVE0 – (Ages 8 and Up | Approx. Retail Price: $39.99 | Available: Summer 2024). Comic book TRANSFORMERS bots are stepping off the page and onto collectors' shelves with the TRANSFORMERS Comic Edition Shockwave! Ruled by logic, if it is more logical for Shockwave to override Megatron and seize command of the Decepticons, he will take that chance. Inspired by the original The TRANSFORMERS comic book series, this 7-inch Shockwave action figure converts from robot to Cybertronian spaceship mode in 15 steps."

"With comic-accurate deco and black line hatching details, Shockwave looks like it came out of a comic book, celebrating 40 years since TRANSFORMERS robots made their comic debut in 1984. Features articulated heads, arms, and legs for action poses and comes with the head of Optimus Prime piece that can be placed on the included display stand (display stand assembly required). Pre-order details coming soon."

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