Check Out These Two Life-Size LEGO Statues at SDCC: Thanos and Unikitty!

LEGO fans will be trekking to their booth on the SDCC show floor for the next week. A couple of pretty awesome large-scale models are going to greet them, as Thanos and Unikitty in Ultrakatty form from The LEGO Movie 2 will be on display. They have these every year, and they are always one of the coolest sights to see on the floor.

The Ultrakatty version of Unikitty will be appearing on the show floor and standing at 4 feet tall and 7.5 feet long. It took the LEGO Master Builders over 250 hours to build, and 55,825 bricks are included. It is a really impressive design and looks like it will be ideal for photos on the floor.

Now this one I have to get my picture with. The Mad Titan himself Thanos will be striking a voctory pose at the LEGO booth all week. This build weighs 450 pounds and stands at an amazing 8 1/2 feet tall. This one has 91,350 bricks in the build and took the Master Builders 418 hours to build. That is some truly impressive stuff. This is the pose we have seen for some other statues as well, but I can't imagine how cool this thing is going to be to see in person. I wonder if they will let me hang from his arm…

If you are at SDCC this week these will be at the LEGO booth to admire and take many, many pictures of.

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