Class is in Session with Umbrella Academy Funko Pops Part 2 [Review]

The Umbrella Academy was a hit last year as the Dark Horse Comics series became a live-action show on Netflix. After a long wait, we finally got to see the first wave of The Umbrella Academy Funko Pop figures hit stores. It seems like its been quite some time since the show has ended before we were able to get our hands on these. The most surprising thing is that this took so long to come out to the collectors. You would think they would want to expedite collectibles like this during the time the show is popular. We can't control that though, and I am just glad we have collectibles for this kick-ass show in the first place. I can't wait to dive in.

This review has been split into three parts this is Part 2 and you can find Part 1 located here.

If you don't know the story it is about seven kids bought by a billionaire who have superpowers and become a fighting force. The Netflix show takes place years after and that's when the drama ensues. There were 13 Funko Pops in total this release with two Chases and one of them has an exclusive glow-in-the-dark version going to Hot Topic. The packaging for each Umbrella Academy character is the same as every other Funko Pop box, but the design on the side is pretty unique. Not only is there a corresponding number located on the side, but there is a quote on the back flat for each character.

In Part 2 we will cover Klaus, Number Five, and Ben. We have already covered Number 7 a.ka. Vanya who also got a special Funko Pop Chase variant and you can find that review located here.

Class is in Session with Umbrella Academy Funko Pops Part 2 [Review]

For Part 2 of our review, we will be looking at Numbers 4-6. One of which has a Chase variant, but we have not found him just yet. We will do another review once we find the elusive chase. We will also be looking at one of the characters who has a special glow-in-the-dark Funko that is a Hot Topic Exclusive.

We will be starting with the wacky Number 4 Umbrella Academy member Klaus. On the side of his box, we are greeted with a large pink 4 on the side. The pink colors on his white box are a nice touch and it really makes the packaging stand out from the rest of the members. On the back lip of the box we are given the quite, "Sobriety is super overrated." on the back.

Class is in Session with Umbrella Academy Funko Pops Part 1 [Review]

This figure is very flamboyant and they bring the character to life right off the screen. From the darkness around the eyes to the painted toenails; they really captured Klaus' cosmetics down perfectly. I love the fact that they even added The Umbrella Academy tattoo under his wrist and you can see it quite well with the words "Good-Bye" on his hand. Funko is really stepping up their game as you can even see the layers of his pink scarf. It's the little details that matter and Funko is getting it right more and more as they continue to perfect the work of their designs.

Now we are going to take a look at Number Five. Number Five is another Funko Pop character that does come with a chase variant. His is quite simple as it just features Number Five with his superhero mask on his head. He does have a red Number Five on the side of his box with the quote, "The kid wants coffee" on the back lip.

Class is in Session with Umbrella Academy Funko Pops Part 1 [Review]

This is a pretty basic Funko Pop figure but they did add wrinkles on his body to definitely give him a little more life than a lifeless feel. The coffee and the design of the uniform is pretty spot on to the show. Of the whole wave of The Umbrella Academy, Number Five and Luther are the simplest designs. However, it is still a must have collectible to complete the set of your Umbrella Academy collection.

The last character for Part 2 of our Umbrella Academy Funko Pop reviews is none other than Number 6 a.k.a. Ben. This figure does have a secondary release that was exclusive to Hot Topic that is a special glow-in-the-dark figure. We did manage to get one ourselves and we'll go over it as well. Ben's box is pretty simple with the blue 6 on the side and the quote, "Super Dead" on the back.

Class is in Session with Umbrella Academy Funko Pops Part 1 [Review]

Ben has a unique feel with the different levels of the color blue and it brings his character "alive". He is standing with his arms open with tentacles coming out of his chest. He does have smooth textures on his tentacles and he is wearing a simple hoodie.

When you switch over to the Hot Topic exclusive version nothing is different about the box besides the sticker on the window. When looking at the figure you can see there's definitely more texture on the character design itself. You can see this in the pictures I took and how it almost has a dusty vibe to it. The glow for the figure itself is pretty bright and can definitely be seen from across the room. You can still find this character available online through Hot Topic located here.

Class is in Session with Umbrella Academy Funko Pops Part 1 [Review]

The Umbrella Academy Funko Pop's are very well-designed and perfectly detailed. It's the little things that really count and Funko gets it right in this set of figures. Funko is currently the only company to give us collectibles for the Umbrella Academy. They are cheap and simple and are must-have for any fan of the show. All of them are still available online and you can find them located here; test your luck and get one of those Chases! Or you can test your luck at any retailer that sells Funko Pops like Hot Topic or GameStop. I am sure we will see more of the Umbrella Academy Funko Pops come out once season two hits. It wouldn't be a bad idea to lock yours down before it's too late and they all go up in value when the second season hits Netflix in 2020.

Stay tuned for the final Part 3 of this ongoing Umbrella Academy Funko Pop review where we will cover Pogo, Cha-Cha, and Hazel.

Class is in Session with Umbrella Academy Funko Pops Part 1 [Review]


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