Winnie the Pooh Returns to Build-A-Bear and He Brought His Friends

The adorable and lovable Winnie the Pooh has returned once again to Build-A-Bear. Fans and collectors will be able to get a special bundle that will come with Pooh's plush hunny pot, his red T-shirt, and a unique 6-in-1 sound. The sound will feature the actual voices of the iconic Disney character which is an amazing touch. Things do not end there as Winnie the Pooh has brought his other friends from the Hundred Acre Woods to join iron the fun. That's right, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore have also arrived and will all feature unique 6 in 1 sound boxes too. Each figure is very well detailed and will be a soft, cuddly friend for yourself or any Disney friend.

Winnie the Pooh fans will not want to miss out on bringing a majority of the cast home with them this time. We just need Owl, Rabbit, Kanga, and Roo to finish our Hundred Acre Wood party. The Build-A-Bear Pooh and Friends Plushes are available for purchase today and here. Each friend seems to be online exclusives, and Pooh is the most expensive coming in at $50. Tigger and Eeyore come in at $37, and Piglet is the cheapest at $30. These adorable plush figures are very well done and will be excellent additions to your growing Disney collection.

"Journey to the Hundred Acre Wood with Disney Winnie the Pooh Bear by your side! This willy, nilly, silly, old Bear has stuck with fans of all ages for generations, and now you can make your own splendiferous fun by bringing your own Winnie the Pooh Bear to life. This classic Winnie the Pooh Bear plush is sweeter than hunny with its soft fur and friendly smile. Plus, you can feed your hunger for fun by personalizing your Winnie the Pooh Bear with outfits, sounds, scents and accessories!"

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