So What Actually Are The New 52 Superman And The Pre 52 Superman Anyway? (SPOILERS)

Mr Oz did tell the Pre 52 Superman back in the DC Universe Rebirth Special…


That the Pre-52 Superman, Lois Lane and Jonathan Kent were not who they thought they were. Survivors of a pre-Flashpoint Earth. And that the New 52 was not who he thought he was either, the New 52 version of Superman. And that Mr Oz was somehow involved.


And today's Superman #19 by Pete Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray and John Kalisz goes there. Although strangely, despite having Mr Oz on the cover… not actually appearing in the comic book. But his influence is very much felt in this comic. Where we discover the origin of the two Supermen.


Superman was split into two. The Pre 52 and the New 52. Possibly by Mr Oz? Or by Dr Manhattan?

And that was the power that went into the New 52 Lois Lane, killing her and survives with the New 52 Lana Lang as Superwoman.

So there was only one Superman after all.

And a Jonathan Kent, deleted from time, removed from Pre 52 Lois' memories, discovering such energies also deleted from time…


Until they can be brought back.


Check that collar. The New 52 Superman and Lois Lane – and the first in-continuity use of the phrase "New 52" in DC Comics as well, from Mxyzptlk, a man for whom the DC Universe is seen from his fifth dimensional viewpoint as pages of a comic book.

Which is where Action Comics #976 will come in Superman Red and Superman Blue? Or Superman Dead and Superman New…


While today's Super Sons #2 by Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez may also have some foreshadowing as to Jonathan Kent's forgotten status…


And talking of the New 52… look who gets mentioned in Trinity #7 by Cullen Bunn, Clay Mann and Miguel Mendoca.


Superman #19, Trinity #7 and  Super Sons #2 are published from DC Comics today.




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