Amanda Waller Explains What Lazarus Planet Juices Do (Spoilers)

It's time for Amanda Waller to play Basil Exposition and set up a big plan to take down every superhero in the DC Universe - even the new ones.

Amanda Waller, as originally created by John Ostrander, Len Wein and John Byrne for DC Comics in Legends #1 back in 1987, has become a prominent member of the DC Universe, especially with appearances in Suicide Squad, The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker and Black Adam, with the TV show Waller on the way. Bleeding Cool previously broke the news spinning out of Dark Crisis that Amanda Waller would b the Big Bag of the DC Universe in 2023, with a mission to kill all the superheroes. She just had to be asked.

In today's Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution, Amanda Waller looks at exactly what is happening to the superhero population as the LAzarus juices rain down upon the planet.

Amanda Waller Explains What Lazarus Planet Juices Do (Spoilers)

"Metahuman DNA is being torn apart. Then reassembled into something new." Which seems very literal with the shapeshifting Everyman from the 52 series being transformed into the new Amalgam Man. And Deadeye getting blue energy hand powers…

Amanda Waller Explains What Lazarus Planet Juices Do (Spoilers)

And then we have Deadshot – or is it Deadeye now? And suggesting a familiar relationship between the two.

DC Comics

Deadeye is Amanda Waller's nephew. If Deadye is Deadshot,  Floyd Lawton, then his brother would be Eddie Lawton who Floyd shot and killed accidentally when trying to take revenge against their abusive father. But it's not, this is Archie. This is Deadeye, the Hawkeye analogue from Earth X that Waller has been messing around with, all bets are off. Might "Archie" suggest" "Archer" as the original Deadeye was the Earth 3 version of Green Arrow? More to come I am sure…

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HEROES WILL BE FORGED! Written by Ram V, Brandon T. Snider, Chuck Brown, and Delilah S. Dawson Art by Lalit Kumar, Laura Braga, Alitha Martinez and Mark Morales, and Ro Stein Good and bad, yin and yang…all sides of humanity will be transformed by the Lazarus event…and in the DC Universe one thing's for sure: heroes will always rise. In this special we'll explore some of the amazing new powers gifted to the freedom fighters of the future…and we'll see what perils these villain-vanquishing virtuosos will face. What secret does Flatline seek from the heart of Talia al Ghul's HQ? Can Red Canary bring order to an out-of-control city? What secret does the heroic Dead Eye hold that will haunt him forever? And enter into a brand-new legend with the fantastic debut of Vigil!
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