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DC Comics' Doom Patrol Criticises Batman For Not Being Woke
And tomorrow's Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1 also weighs on the matter, as the events of Lazarus Planet have awoken more and more meta-humans around the globe, a number of whom will now make up the membership of the new Doom Patrol And naturally some folks want to monetise that. With The Chief, alter of the meta-human[...]
Big Changes Coming To Wonder Woman & Amazons For Dawn Of DC (Spoilers)
"After the events of Lazarus Planet, the gods of the Multiverse have decided to take down the heroes they once called champions and the world they've sworn to protect For years the gods sat idle atop their mountains as their legends faded into obscurity along with their bodies Now is their time to remind the[...]
DC Comics
So, thanks to the events of Lazarus Planet, both Power Girl and Supergirl have turned up the notches on their psychic abilities Although for Kara Danvers, this seems to have had quite the unfortunate side effect on the Kryptonian language patterns in her brain, in today's Action Comics #1052. Power Girl in Action Comcis #1052 Which is[...]
DC Comics
Tomorrow sees the publication of Batman Vs Robin #5 from DC Comics courtesy of Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar from DC Comics and is meant to finish off the Lazarus Planet crossover story that didn't finish with Lazarus Planet Omega Oh wait, there are some other Lazarus Planet spinoffs still meant to be published too[...]
DC Comics
This week sees the publication of Batman Vs Robin #5, the Lazarus Planet overspill And it seems that a certain Devil Nezha is taking cosplay a little too seriously Actually, possessing Batman and transforming him in the process Something they didn't get round to dealing with in Lazarus Planet: Omega. Batman Vs Robin #5 We already know that[...]
DC Comics
Lazarus Planet is on a mission to launch the Dawn Of DC, with new characters or new superpowers for old supercharacters, and Lazarus Planet: Omega #1 out tomorrow by Mark Waid, Gene Luen Yang, Riccardo Federici and Billy Tan from DC Comics Though it is probably that not all of them will stick it out[...]
Interior preview page from Lazarus Planet: Omega #1
This week, Bleeding Cool is taking a look at Lazarus Planet: Omega #1, the first issue of DC's upcoming mini-series King Fire Bull gets his butt kicked by the grown-up heroes of the DC Universe in this preview of Lazarus Planet: Omega #1 Joining me on this preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron[...]
Envoy, Circuit Breaker & Chainsaw Nun, New to DC with Lazarus Planet
Tomorrow's Lazarus Planet: Dark Past is the latest look at the various superheroes and supervillains being created or recreated by Lazarus Planet Here's a look at a few of them With one, The EnvOy, destined to be the star of a revival of a new series of Spirit World from DC Comics in 2023. Or will[...]
Captain Marvel? Shazam? Just Call Him The Captain
So we're using Lazarus Planet as our excuse to say 'magic works differently now in the DC Universe' In Shazam one of the fallouts is you can't say the word anymore.  I like the limitation, I like when you put interesting limits on characters, because it forces you as a writer to just work harder[...]
Interior preview page from Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1
Welcome to my preview of Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1! This week, Huntress returns to Arkham Tower in its time of need Joining me to discuss this preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron Now, I'm sure that I don't need to remind LOLtron not to try to take over the world this time,[...]
DC Comics
She just had to be asked. In today's Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution, Amanda Waller looks at exactly what is happening to the superhero population as the LAzarus juices rain down upon the planet. "Metahuman DNA is being torn apart Then reassembled into something new." Which seems very literal with the shapeshifting Everyman from the 52 series being[...]
DC Comics
But it seems the falling Lazarus juices of Lazarus Planet may have an overactive effect on her – and those around her In today's Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution #1, we see more DC characters going through… the change We have met The Vigil – soon to appear in Detective Comics or maybe their own spinoff[...]
Ram V's The Vigil To Debut This Week (Lazarus Planet Spoilers)
But who are The Vigil, and are they on Batman's side?" Ram V's The Vigil To Debut This Week (Lazarus Planet Spoilers) Ram V tweeted earlier, "1070 also has a little tease of "The Vigil" my upcoming project at DC!… To continue with The Vigil Sneaky peeks here's @kumar_sumit92 cover to Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution #1 – which[...]
Interior preview page from Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution #1
Are you ready for the next evolution of comic books? Red Hood is on the trail of Vigil in this preview of Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution #1… or maybe he *is* Vigil? It's not quite clear I'm Jude Terror, Bleeding Cool's resident comic book "journalist," and joining me is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron[...]
A New Firestorm For Dawn Of DC in 2023 (Lazarus Planet Spoilers)
And in tomorrow's Lazarus Planet: Legends Reborn #1 we get to see what happened with Firestorm next, as the DCU finally catches up to Doomsday Clock Maybe Lazarus Planet is cretaing new superheroes and twisting existing ones, as Firestorm gets caught up in the storm As Stein tried to persuade Raymond to give him control… …[...]
Printwatch: Action Comics, Lazarus Planet, Night Club & Spawn Get 2nds
The issue will feature a recoloured version of Dan Mora's main cover to Action Comics #1051. Printwatch: Lazarus Planet: Assault on Krypton has also sold out and gone to a second printing for the 28th of February The reprinted issue will feature a recoloured version of David Marquez and Alejandro Sánchez's main cover. Printwatch: Spawn: Unwanted Violence[...]
A Big Change To The Superman Family This Week (Major Spoilers)
Changes are coming to the DC Universe tomorrow, courtesy of Lazarus Planet: Once We Were Gods and Action Comics #1051 that will play out across the DCU We mentioned a few occurring to Superman and Aquaman But here are a couple more, to Beast Boy and Martian Manhunter that may have some lasting impact on[...]
Dawn of DC Plans For Aquaman In 2023 (Lazarus Planet Spoilers)
But enough about the British Royal Family and back to The Trench who also have the useful ability for the Deep to be bio-luminescent. In Lazarus Planet: Once We Wee Gods out this Tuesday, the Lazarus juice continued to pass on powers, abilities and resurrections all round And that includes the wide oceans of the planet,[...]
Interior preview page from Lazarus Planet: We Once Were Gods #1
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's latest comic book preview, this time for Lazarus Planet: We Once Were Gods #1! A family learns why you should never bring home a naked man you found at the beach in this preview of Lazarus Planet: We Once Were Gods #1 Joining me on this journey is Bleeding Cool's AI[...]
DC Comics
Yesterday we looked at Power Girl and Mercy Graves getting new powers in Lazarus Planet, but there is more to come As the Lazarus Juice rains down across the world, it causes Monkey Prince to start itching it up Monkey Prince #10 Spoilers ahead, as well as for Lazarus Planet: Assault On Krypton. The Lazarus Juice[...]
Lex Luthor's Bodyguard Mercy Graves Gets Powers (Lazarus Planet Spoilers)
She was rebooted in 2011 in the New 52, as an Asian American character working as Lex Luthor's personal assistant and managing LexCorp when he is away. Now in Tuesday's Lazarus Planet: Assault On Krypton, as the Lazarus juice rains down on the global population, Mercy Graves gets a full hit But she is not alone[...]
New Powers For Power Girl? (Lazarus Planet Spoilers)
But he's not alone, Lazarus Planet has showered Lazarus juice on everyone… no, that sounds wrong as well Either way, lots of people who had no powers, now have them And those who had powers, some of them have more Such as Power Girl, whose name suggests she should have plenty… But as well as having[...]
Two New Trans/Non-Binary DC Characters In Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate?
One of the side effects of the Lazarus Planet crossover is the creation of a bunch of new comic book characters for the DC Comics universe And in Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate, that includes two new trans/non-binary characters. One of the writer/artists of the upcoming  Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate anthology A.L[...]
Lazarus Planet Alpha
Lazarus Planet brings us King Fire Bull as promised, as well as a Justice League still disbanded, and Damian Wayne standing tall Well, Nightwing may be busy creating a rep[placement Titans to take that role, Robin has a different recruitment drive. But as we saw in Monkey Prince, King Fire Bull is not alone, he has[...]
Interior preview page from Lazarus Planet Alpha #1
As we take a look at the preview for Lazarus Planet Alpha #1, the DC Universe is once again in crisis With the fate of the world in the balance, the heroes of the DCU turn to Batman for help But instead of taking the lead himself, Batman points them at Robin, and charges her[...]
Lazarus Planet
Lazarus Planet, the DC Comics event written by Mark Waid and Gene Luen Yang, involved a volcano on Lazarus Island exploding, releasing Terrigen Mist chemicals that cause heroes to gain new powers Yeah, basically, it's Inhumans Vs X-Men for the DC Comics universe And Bleeding Cool is giving you a look at the map to[...]
Why Does Batman Have Dr Fate's Helmet On? (Batman V Robin Spoilers)
Maybe both? Batman V Robin #5 is there to kick off the Lazarus Planet event As all know, during this event, Dpctor Fate's helmet has been used to absorb the powers and personalities.of all manner of supernatural and superpowered folks. And in tomorrow's Batman V Robin #4, it's time for the Devil Nezha to put the[...]
Variant Delays For Disney/Dynamite Gargoyles #1
This is to keep the possibility of damages at a minimum to keep our retail partners happy and increase the probability that these limited editions will arrive in optimal condition." #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */   GARGOYLES #1 CVR S 200[...]
Lazarus Planet #1 Preview
We have a preview of Lazarus Planet Alpha #1, the launch issue of the new Lazarus Planet event at DC Comics With Damian Wayne in charge of the superhero response against the Lazarus Volcano magic raining down across the Earth, and a heavily injured Batman delegating power, responsibility and authority to his thirteen-year-old son And[...]