An Avenger For The Young


Jamie McKelvie is one of the hottest young comic book artists in the industry right now, with projects such as Phonogram (pictured above), Suburban Glamour, X-Men Season One, Young Avengers and the recent The Wicked + The Divine.

But instead of talking about Jamie today, we're talking about his father, Peter McKelvie.

After the emergence of the hundreds of sexual crimes committed by the late Sir Jimmy Savile OBE, during his career as a broadcaster, entertainer and charity worker, Operation Yewtree was set up by the British government to investigate these crimes, and others – the allegations were that many more than Savile had used their connections to hide their crimes. The sentencing of Rolf Harris CBE this week was a direct result of these investigations.

Of late, there have also been allegations of sexual crimes against minors amongst senior politicians, and of a list that was handed to senior government minister Leon Brittan in the eighties, which he first denied knowing about, then later that he had handed it up the chain of power, where it seems to have disappeared. He is now at the centre of other allegations.

And it is Peter McKelvie, a retired Child Protection Team Manager, who has spent the last couple of decades recording and compiling evidence of such alleged crimes, and who is at the forefront in bringing this to the attention of senior politicians and the media.

Working with MP Tom Watson and others, his work is now providing acres of evidence for British newspapers to bolster stories that they might not otherwise be comfortable with running.

With one former MP not ruling out naming names in Parliament for allegations, an entity which is protected against libel laws, Britain is undergoing a sea change over the institutionalised cover up of such crimes right now and it is at the top of the new agenda.

And for much of that we have to thank Jamie's dad.

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