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Neil Gaiman, Evan Dorkin, Ryan North Petition Missouri Over Book Bans
Anderson, Margaret Atwood, Derf Backderf, Alison Bechdel, Khalil Bendib, Matt Bors, Ellen Crenshaw, Mike Curato, Juno Dawson, Evan Dorkin, Neil Gaiman, Roxane Gay, Deborah Hopkinson, Miles Hyman, Kelly Jensen, Lita Judge, Rupi Kaur, Maia Kobabe, Lois Lowry, Carmen Maria Machado, Dylan Meconis, Ryan North, David Small, Amir Soltani, Art Spiegelman and Colleen AF Venableare. Missouri schools[...]
Thank FOC It's Saturday
Also with robots. Ray Fawkes and Alvaro Sarraseca launch Purgatori #1 following up on their Vampirella Vs Purgatori with 1:10, 1:11, 1:15, 1:16, 1:20, 1:25, 1:30. Batman: Secret Files: Peacekeeper-01 is up from DC alongside Batman #115, and the launch of DC Vs Zombies #1 in a massive James Tynion IV DC week… there's also Task[...]
Bill And Ted Are Doomed - But Are Better Than The Film
Bill And Ted Are Doomed by Ed Solomon, Evan Dorkin, and Roger Langridge are published monthly by Dark Horse Comics before being collected. A couple of weeks after the Bill And Ted Face The Music came out, Dark Horse Comics published Bill and Ted Are Doomed, a comic book with a creative dream team –[...]
Bill And Ted Are Doomed #1 Out Tomorrow: Preview
As Bill And Ted return with Face The Music – we are also seeing a comic book turn, a new Bill And Ted series written by Evan Dorkin, who created the Marvel series that was a real comic book highlight of the nineties, along with the movie co-creator snd writer Ed Solomon, and drawn by[...]
Evan Dorkin and Roger Langridge Bring Bill & Ted Back to Comics
The Bill & Ted comics by Evan Dorkin – originally published by Marvel Comics, then Slave Labor and then Boom Studios – are one of those rarest of beasts, an adaptation that is as good as the original Merging the anarchy of Milk and Cheese with the pop-cultural deep dives of Pirate Corps, it took what was genuinely a better-than-it-ought-to-be series of Bill[...]
The Evan Dorkin/Mike Allred Metal Men Pitch That Dan DiDio Said No To
A Metal Men pitch by Evan Dorkin and Mike Allred, At the time Wizard Magazine reported "Look for DC's revamp train to pick up more passengers this summer, as the Metal Men return in a new series by Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese) and Mike Allred (X-Statix) Early word suggests that Dorkin and Allred will[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Whose Job Is It To Sell Comics, Anyway?
I feel more often then not though it's just way too much of a struggle for most to make a decent living doing comics. — Curt Pires (@CurtPires) August 26, 2019 Even in the faraway land of Subtweet, the voices of comic creators rang out in response to Rosenberg's theory, with Evan Dorkin tweeting: Creator tweets that he[...]
Beasts of Burden: The Presence of Others - Fluffy AND Violent!
Beasts of Burden: The Presence of Others' first issue from Dark Horse comics ended on a cliffhanger, where we were unsure of the father's fate at the hands of the crypt spirits.  Writer Evan Dorkin (Blackwood) settles the matter rather quickly, beginning the second comic with dad resting on the ground surrounded by his children[...]
Beasts of Burden: The Presence of Others - An Adorably Fuzzy BLOODBATH
Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese) hits the ground running with a first page spread showing newspaper clippings of the unexplained massacres plaguing a small American town called Burden Hill. Sabina, a human girl, along with her father and brother Bean, have ventured into the woods of Burden Hill to investigate the causes behind the mysterious deaths. [...]
Beasts of Burden Returns to Dark Horse in May
Beasts of Burden is returning with a new volume in May at Dark Horse Comics, from the creative team of Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson (for part one) The new installment will be called Beasts of Burden: The Presence of Others and will be split into two parts, with the first hitting stores on May 1,[...]
Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men #1
Dark Horse announced a new Beasts of Burden series coming this summer, from the creative team of co-creator Evan Dorkin, artist Benjamin Dewey, and letterer Nate Piekos Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men will be a four-issue mini-series, with Rafael Albuquerque providing a variant cover for issue #1 Here's the synopsis from the press[...]
Evan Dorkin, Fishes Launch Unofficial Beasts of Burden Spinoff Blackwood at Dark Horse
Evan Dorkin and the Fishes (Veronica and Andy) are teaming up at Dark Horse for a four-issue college horror/comedy mini-series called Blackwood The book, revealed in an EXCLUSSSIVE interview with AV Club, will be an unofficial spinoff of Dorkin and Jill Thompson's Beasts of Burden series In the interview, Dorkin explains what inspired the new book: The initial[...]
Milk and Cheese
Dark Horse Comics announced today plans to bring the complete collection of Evan Dorkin's Eisner Award winning Milk and Cheese comics to trade paperback in 2018 with a new edition of Milk and Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad The press release says it all: "This affordable and comprehensive volume features every single stupid Milk and Cheese comic[...]
Where In The World Is Beasts Of Burden? (UPDATE: As If By Magic, New Art)
Talking to Comics Alliance, Evan Dorkin remarked upon the future of his Beasts Of Burden comic, an intense action adventure with dogs and cats as the lead characters, created with Jill Thompson for Dark Horse Comics In that it doesn't seem to have a future He said, Beasts of Burden is in a coma, Jill [Thompson] hasn't turned in a new[...]
A Love Letter From Creators: Preview A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz Out This Week
Check out the list of creators: Mike Allred, Art Baltazar, Paige Braddock, Megan Brennan, Frank Cammuso, Derek Charm, Colleen Coover, Evan Dorkin, Chynna Clugston Flores, Julie Fujii, Shaenon K Garrity, Melanie Gillman, Zac Gorman, Jimmy Gownley, Matt Groening, Dan Hipp, Keith Knight, Mike Kunkel, Roger Langridge, Jeff Lemire, Jonathan Lemon, Patrick McDonnell, Tony Millionaire, Caleb[...]
Evan Dorkin's Classic Bill & Ted Comics Are Being Collected In A Prestigious HC
That's right, I'm talking about the highly successful series written and illustrated by Evan Dorkin. The most non-non-non-NON-Heinous Eisner Award-nominated series, Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Book has returned! Completely re-mastered and collected in prestigious hardcover format, experience the entire Dorkin Bill & Ted run like never before Station! Includes the bodacious adaptation of Bill &[...]
Taking On Comic-Con! Preview The Eltingville Club #2 From Dark Horse
In the crowded panels of the preview below, you'll see some of the most representative illustrations of comic-con that you've ever seen, most likely–it's quite a treat to see Evan Dorkin take on comic-con in The Eltingville Club as it comes up on Issue #2, out August 5th. Dark Horse describe the issue thus: This is it![...]
Does Scary Godmother Update Reveal More Beasts Of Burden?
I found it's impossible for me to juggle two full comics projects at once! ( I have frustrated my editors and friend and writer Evan Dorkin trying to accomplish this)  I wish I had 4 arms And they were all right handed…or else that would leave me with 2 arms that don't know how to[...]
The End Is Nigh – Preview Of The Eltingville Club #1 From Evan Dorkin
Dark Horse has sent us over a preview of Evan Dorkin's The Eltingville Club #1 After twenty years, three Eisner Awards, and a smattering of hate mail, the Eltingville Comic Book, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Role-Playing Club is finally breaking up When Bill's dream job in a comic shop turns into a nightmare for the club,[...]
Wait A Minute. Is That Milk And Cheese In A My Little Pony Comic?
By Evan Dorkin. Good job Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil We'll destroy those little girl's minds, reference by reference. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London This week hosting an art battle between Savage Pencil and Chris Long, commencing this evening.. Battle of the Eyes (Savage Pencil & Chris Long) will be in residence from Wednesday evening,[...]
Dark Horse Draws On Your Horror At New York Comic Con
He's looking toward "revelatory horror" on the newly announced series Veil, especially in the first 5 issues. Evan Dorkin says everyone's looking for a version of a story they know to sell in horror films and shows these days, or projects are working hard to sell an action figure. The panelists all agreed that horror writers tend[...]
A Return To Eltingville?
Evan Dorkin has been tweeting About a certain comic strip of his, that appeared in his anthology comic Dork. Of late my thoughts turn to Eltingville. — Evan Dorkin (@evandorkin) September 6, 2013 A glorious, insanely detailed with geek references, Eltingville was Ethan Dorkin's attempt to expose the worst of fan culture Only to find fan culture really[...]
Swipe File: Dork #8 And Rock Thrower
It did have a familiar ring… From Dork #8 by Evan Dorkin In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of the lightbox We trust you, the reader, to make that judgment yourself? If you are unable to[...]
How The French Advertise Beasts Of Burden
Yes, folks, this is how the French are advertising their publication of Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's Beasts Of Burden. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTiE_ceQOx8[/youtube] Yes, folks, this is how the French are advertising their publication of Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's Beasts Of Burden. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTiE_ceQOx8[/youtube] [...]