BOOM! Studios #RoadtoSanDiego Announcement #10: A Mysterious Ending With SLAM!

We've arrived at the 10th and final announcement on BOOM! Studios #RoadtoSanDiego, and what a journey it has been. I'm so happy with amount of new original series coming out, but I'm still not over the excitement of learning that Mouse Guard is going to be a movie. None-the-less, the final announcement is here and it's a vague one…


Announced on, BOOM! Studios will be releasing a new series entitled SLAM! about a women's roller derby team. That's all we know…

TheMarySue explained:

"If you're super curious about who the team might be behind this title, you can find out for yourself… if you're at San Diego Comic-Con, that is. There's a BOOM! panel happening on Saturday at 12:30pm, wherein they'll talk about all the happenings on at BOOM! and reveal just who might be behind SLAM!"

(Read the full story here.)

The cool thing about all of this is, we're about ready for San Diego Comic Con, and I'm sure BOOM! will be making more announcements besides this one and cool things will be discovered at panels. So, three cheers for BOOM! Studios!

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