Charles Soule Will Add Marvel Cameos for Anyone Who Votes on Tuesday

Have you ever wanted to appear in a Marvel comic book? You may soon get your wish, thanks to superstar writer Charles Soule. Soule took to Twitter over the weekend to make a remarkable promise to fans in exchange for their voting in the United States midterm elections on Tuesday. According to Soule, anyone who votes will be entitled to be written into a Marvel comic "however you want."

As Soule notes, he writes comics such as Star Wars, Daredevil, and the X-Men, though he's soon leaving his Daredevil run. Soule even offered to make fans into "Wolverine's best bud" if they vote, though that could take a while, considering Wolverine's "return" from the dead has been taking so long. Even so, it's a generous offer, one that, perhaps, Soule didn't entirely think through…

Though Soule may need to spend the next few years of his career fulfilling his promise, he seems to have no regrets.

Are you voting on Tuesday? And how would you like to be written into a Marvel Comic in return? We'll be voting, Charles, and our request is that you write us in as the person who figures out how to bring Cyclops back from the dead.

Charles Soule Will Add Marvel Cameos for Anyone Who Votes on Tuesday

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