Closing Tumblr Q&A Blog, Stephen Wacker Teases "Newsworthy" Cartoon Next Year, But No X-Men

Former Marvel comics editor and message board troll Stephen Wacker has spent the past few years working in Marvel's animation department and running a Q&A Tumblr blog, How To Fail Upwards, to answer fan questions about Marvel's cartoons. But having recently moved to Marvel's Television and New Media department, Wacker says its time to close up shop on the blog, leaving a final post this morning titled "The End." He does not explain why he can't continue the blog as part of Marvel's Television and New Media department. Maybe he'll launch a new one.

"Lots of great animation coming your way from Marvel over the next several months as Avengers: Secret Wars and GOTG continue, Spider-Man begins and a bunch of other great projects gets detailed," Wacker told readers after thanking fans for their questions over the years, before revealing that Marvel has a secret project next year that will make a big splash. "Plus we've been cooking up something secret for next year that will be massively newsworthy (not 'X-Men,' so you can stop with that guess.)"

Well, of course there won't be a new X-Men cartoon next year. Bleeding Cool Rumormonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston already told us that will be announced *this* year! And he was technically right, after all. Pip pip!

Wacker doesn't give us any more clues as to what Marvel is planning, but it's safe to assume it will probable change the animation industry forever. Wacker's final post on his Tumblr blog follows yesterday's announcement that Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort will quit Twitter, after a final Tom Brevoort Quits Twitter super-mega-crossover event comic with multiple tie-ins and likely followed by a relaunch. The exit of two of Marvel's most outspoken employees will have fans cherishing the twitter accounts of Dan Slott and Nick Spencer, lest they leave too and Marvel have no one left to carry the torch of arguing with fans on the internet.

Before he left, Wacker left fans with one final shocking revelation.

"PS: BTW, I've never seen the 90s X-Men cartoon," Wacker taunted. "So there!"

Closing Tumblr Q&A Blog, Stephen Wacker Teases "Newsworthy" Cartoon Next Year, But No X-Men

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