Concern Over Titan's UK Reprints Of DC Comics Titles

There is increasing concern regarding Titan Magazines' UK reprints of DC Comics titles, which sell in British newsagents and comic shops alike. Usually taking a number of issues and packaging them up in a 60-100 page volume, with a number of ongoing strips. It's a model that Marvel UK/Panini developed in the seventies and has continued in a variety of iterations.

Specifically the way they keep introducing and cancelling titles without notice either in book or on-line. The most significant recently being Supergirl, which had issue 4 advertised for March, but they've only now announced that it was retroactively cancelled.

So far they've launched and cancelled Green Arrow, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and it's looking like the Justice League book is on the chopping block too as it hasn't shipped for this month either.

Panini however continue to publish around eight Marvel titles in the same market with much greater consistency….

Titan press department did not respond to enquiries from Bleeding Cool made two days ago. Repeated requests for comment made yesterday from a more senior individual at the company received a response that the publisher chooses to publish relevant comic books around TV and film schedules, but that doesn't explain the erratic scheduling and cancelling of titles.

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