Daredevil #601 Review: The Rise of Mayor Matt Murdock

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Daredevil escapes from custody with the unwilling help of a pair of Hand ninjas, and Matt Murdock returns to city hall. Wilson Fisk is still incapacitated, and, thanks to some laws from the last administration, Matt Murdock is the new mayor of New York City. He goes to work in helping the city fend off the attack from the Hand.

Daredevil #601 cover by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, and Jordie Bellaire
Daredevil #601 cover by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, and Jordie Bellaire

Charles Soule once more shows his ability to make a relatively low-action issue of Daredevil exciting. While there is a solid opening fight between DD and the Hand, most of the comic consists of Matt Murdock taking the reigns of the city with pushback from Fisk's assistant, Wesley.

Matt doesn't do anything unexpected; you can probably guess even now what his big decisions are. However, the cockiness of Matt, the conflict with Wesley, and the overall crisis with the Hand make it a fun issue nonetheless.

Plus, the pacing is solid, even if it isn't building up to a big fight at the end of the issue. Things move along quickly. Matt keeps things entertaining. The finale promises more smackdowns in Daredevil #602. The comic just works.

Daredevil #601 art by Mike Henderson and Matt Milla
Daredevil #601 art by Mike Henderson and Matt Milla

Another thing that works very well in this comic is the art of Mike Henderson. He brings another stylized aesthetic to the book, but it still gives the noir-esque vibe that is often used for DD. It's not quite as gritty as Ron Garney's work, but it makes up the difference with increased expression from the characters. Matt gets to look very smug in this comic. Plus, the action scenes are well-constructed and very punchy. Matt Milla compliments all of this with a darker palette in Hornhead scenes and brighter and sterile color in the Mayor Murdock portions. This book looks is gorgeous.

Daredevil #601 brings us some fun with Mayor Murdock and advances the story of DD #600 in an interesting fashion. It does appear to be in a hurry to reestablish the status quo, but it's still an enjoyable comic with great artwork thanks to Henderson and Milla. This one gets another recommendation. Give it a read.

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