DC Unveils New Toy Lines Ahead Of New York Toy Fair

DC Collectibles unveiled it's line-up for 2014 ahead of the New York Toy Fair. The new releases include a line based on the upcoming Son Of Batman animated movie, some from the Infinite Crisis video game and some figure from Batman: The Animated Series with the New Batman Adventures being released later in the year.

"DC Collectibles has an amazing 2014 line-up in store for fans and collectors and we're psyched to be showcasing our new action figures, statues and more at New York Toy Fair," said Geoff Johns, chief creative officer of DC Entertainment. "The new slate shows off the team's commitment to bringing innovative ideas and the highest quality toys and collector's items to fans worldwide, and as a fan myself I'm particularly excited about the new Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures lines."

Additional new product categories scheduled for 2014 include a "(Bat)man cave" line of high-end lifestyle products, an all new Wood figure line, and porcelain dolls based on a  character from Vertigo's THE SANDMAN series. Following up with some of their most popular lines comes a second wave of action figures based on art from Greg Capullo, and new additions to both the DC Comics Bombshells and DC Cover Girls statue series.

DC Collectibles 2014 line-up includes:

NEW LINE — Batman: The Animated Series action figure: Catwomanbm_animated_cw_af_1_52fadb97abde79.15145387
NEW LINE — The New Batman Adventures action figures: Batman, Two Face, Mr. Freezenew_adventures_bm_animated_bm_af_1_52fadc50267b49.55350120
NEW LINE — Son of Batman action figures: Deathstroke, Robin, Batman, Nightwing; based on character designs by Phil Bourassason_of_bm_batman_af_1_52fadc8d881dc0.39614320 son_of_bm_robin_af_1_52fadcbcc80d76.23394198
NEW LINE — DC Comics "(Bat)man Cave" Super-Villain Poker set with art by Kevin Nowlan, Batman Dart Board setbm_poker_set_52fadd370f0f15.30212179 supervillain_poker_set_52faddce572cf2.52098320
NEW LINE — BATMAN LI'L GOTHAM action figures: Harley Quinn, The Joker, Batman, Robinlil_goth_bm_af_1_52fadfef2ffdf4.97294963 lil_goth_hq_af_1_52fae05ddf0916.81546344 lil_goth_jkr_af_1_52fae0880a5a32.95925699 lil_goth_robin_af_1_52fae0c3399b88.79350159
NEW LINE — Wood figures 4": Batman, Supermanwood_figure_bm_52fae1ef717b94.26472318 wood_figure_sm_52fae2114eb5f9.05963804
NEW LINE — Porcelain Doll: THE SANDMAN's Death
DC Comics The New 52 action figures: Supergirl, Nightwing, Batgirlnew_52_batgirl_af_52fae0e8a29303.28627015 new_52_nightwing_af_52fae11498cae6.20226462 new_52_supergirl_af_52fae13eebc8f1.63710264
Infinite Crisis 6" action figures: Pajama Party Harley Quinn, Atomic Green Lantern, Atomic Poison Ivy, Mecha Wonder Woman, Renaissance Batmaninfinite_crisis_pajama_hq_52fadfcb7d7260.45319438 infinite_crisis_atomic_gl_52fadf48040880.06579131 infinite_crisis_atomic_poison_ivy_52fadf77bf1167.20737447
DC Comics Cover Girls statues: Katanna, Meracvr_girls_katana_1_52fade137e36a7.64477022
Batman Black and White: "Zombie" Batman statue based on artwork by Neal Adamsbm_bw_zombie_bm_adams_1_52fadcf1aeb954.45767552
Batman Black and White: The Joker statue based on artwork by Dick Sprang
Batman Black and White: Batman statue based on artwork by Michael Turner
Superman: The Man of Steel statues: designed by Shane Davis, and one based off Superman The Animated Seriessm_mos_davis_1_52fae182211fb2.46586750
DC Comics Designer Series: Greg Capullo action figures: Catwoman, Batman Thrasher Armor, Mr. Freeze, Red Hooddc_designer_capullo_cw_af_52fade6f0fcbe8.04650343 dc_designer_capullo_freeze_af_52fade9a0da4a1.46124486 dc_designer_capullo_redhood_af_52fadec6c20269.84789922 dc_designer_capullo_thrasher_bm_af_52fadf17a52ef8.50256388
Wonder Woman The Art of War statue based on artwork by Yanick Paquetteww_aow_paquette_1_52fae1c0dcaf72.56969217
DC Comics Bombshells statue: Zatannadc_comics_bombshells_Zatanna_1_52fade43988ab6.94708603

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