Death or Glory #3 Review: A Very Slow Start Saved by a Great Second Half

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Glory reflects on Red, her own family, and her childhood. She thinks about Red's path to independence, a family, and the way he raised Glory. In the present, she and Pablo sneak into the back of a restaurant and find a human trafficking and organ harvesting operation. Unfortunately, they soon discovered by the man with the liquid nitrogen gun. Can they escape with their lives?

Death or Glory #3 cover by Bengal
Death or Glory #3 cover by Bengal

Death or Glory #3 starts very slow. The comic's decision to dump the exposition about Red and Glory's family leaves the opening to this text-heavy and a slog.

The second half makes up for it to a point by having tight and fast action with genuinely dramatic scenes. The book takes some dark turns accompanied by some unnerving imagery.

We are presented with a more desperate yet compassionate Glory in this issue. She is charged with protecting others, and she takes up the task with ease.

As slow as the opening is, it is good to see the relationship between Glory and Red finally established. It is a complicated one, and it adds some weight to the comic, even if it could have been arguably presented in a better-flowing fashion.

Death or Glory #3 art by Bengal
Death or Glory #3 art by Bengal

Bengal's artwork remains gorgeous. The anime/manga influence is more prominent in this issue, and mixes with the western influence to make for a wonderfully distinct aesthetic. The characters are still expressive, the action still feels kinetic, and the world still has a good visual design. The color work is good too, giving a distinct atmosphere to this fast-paced world.

Death or Glory #3 is weaker than the prior two issues, but it still pulls itself up before the comic ends. The flashback sequence is frustratingly slow, but the back half brings the comic back to the intense action and unnerving villains. This one still earns a recommendation. Check it out.

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