Gideon Falls #4 Review: Complex Characters and Fantastic Art

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Doc Sutton explains what he knows and believes about the Black Barn to Father Fred. Sutton and Father Tom were a part of a group called the Ploughmen dedicated to fighting the Black Barn. Fred believes this is all nonsense and goes to see Sheriff Miller to talk to her about this. Meanwhile, Dr. Xu continues to have visions of the Black Barn, and she goes back to Norton in the hopes that he can help.

Gideon Falls #4 cover by Andrea Sorrentino
Gideon Falls #4 cover by Andrea Sorrentino

Sutton provides the reader with some sparse history of Gideon Falls, much of which he links to the Black Barn. It's refreshing that his secret society was just a group of strange men instead of some well-funded and proactive organization like many comic book secret societies.

It's also refreshing that Fred doesn't immediately believe him. On the other end of the spectrum, Xu going home and immediately having more visions of the Barn and going back to Norton makes much of last issue seem a little pointless. That said, at least that part of the plot can move forward now.

We learn more of Miller in this issue too, and she has the potential to be a compelling mainstay. She's a drunken and swearing small town sheriff who doesn't believe in God but is the closest confidant of the town priest.

Gideon Falls #4 art by Andrea Sorrentino and Dave Stewart
Gideon Falls #4 art by Andrea Sorrentino and Dave Stewart

Andrea Sorrentino never ceases to amaze me with the panel composition, framing and overall quality of his art. Wherever the story goes from here, Gideon Falls is assured to be gorgeous comic. Sorrentino plays with the set-dressing and provides some truly bizarre visuals this issue too; it's quite fantastic. Dave Stewart's color art is still pale, washed-out, and unnerving, perfectly matching the atmosphere called for by the narrative.

Gideon Falls #4 isn't the fastest-moving issue, but it does keep the reader engaged by drip-feeding more history of the town and the Barn as well as the compelling leads. Plus, Sorrentino and Stewart keep the book looking top-notch. This one comes recommended. Pick it up.

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