Justice League in Future State, Spread Across The Millennia

Welcome to Future State, courtesy of DC previews today with a bunch of Justice Leaguers and those in the orbit. Future State: Justice League set in 2040 introduces a lineup of new yet familiar heroes: Jonathan Kent as Superman, new character Yara Flor as Wonder Woman, Far Sector star Jo Mullein as Green Lantern (a familiar choice there), and a grown-up Andy Curry as Aquawoman—plus a Flash from a distant corner of the Multiverse, and a Batman whose Identity will remain a secret…at least for now (though we've had it down to one or two choices for over a year now). In fact, no one on this team knows who the others are—and if they can't share their true identities, how can they learn to trust each other?

Future State: Justice League also includes Justice League Dark set in 2030 with Zatanna, John Constantine, and Madame Xanadu among those hunted for their mystic powers. And with Doctor Fate missing in action, the team must pull itself together before Merlin's quest for magical domination shatters the fabric of reality. As if that's not enough, Detective Chimp is possessed by… Etrigan?

Future State: The Flash in 2027 has Barry Allen (though as The Robin King says in today's Death Metal, does it matter which Flash?) and his fellow super-speedsters have been stripped of their powers, only to face the deadly threat of Wally West—who's been possessed by an entity that's been trapped for aeons inside the Speed Force.

Future State: Green Lantern finds John Stewart leading an elite team of ring-wielders beyond the farthest reaches of the 3,600 known sectors to explore new worlds—but how will they protect themselves when the Corps' Central Power Battery goes out? Plus, the odds are stacked against a powerless Jessica Cruz as she takes on the Yellow Lanterns…and Guy Gardner, abandoned on a distant planet, decides—what else?—to reopen Warriors Bar.

Future State New Heroes

Future State: Aquaman in 2030 has Jackson Hyde has taken on the mantle of Aquaman. But after a mission goes horribly wrong, he and teenage Andy Curry—the new Aqualass, and daughter of Arthur and Mera—find themselves separated by an entire cosmos. Now, Jackson must escape a prison on Neptune so he can cross the abyss that spans the universe in hopes of finding Aqualass once more.

Future State: Suicide Squad in 2030 has Amanda Waller seizing the opportunity to unleash her ultimate plan for the Suicide Squad—with a Task Force X like you've never seen before that uses the Justice League as a template.

Future State: Black Adam picks up his story in the 853rd century, of DC One Million.

Future State: Teen Titans in 2027 sees Nightwing, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven reunite, but it's not a happy occasion: Titans Tower stands as a burned-out husk, a memorial to the school for young heroes that could have been. Now, the remaining Titans must turn to one of their former students for answers: the hero known as Red X, the fan-favorite antagonist from the Teen Titans animated series, here making his comics debut.

Future State New Heroes

Future State: Shazam! in 2029 takes place years after the events of Future State: Teen Titans—with Billy Batson resurfacing after mysteriously disappearing years before. Is Billy Batson as dead as we think?

Future State New Heroes

Future State: Swamp Thing in 4500 rules supreme over Earth following a devastating global war. But It's an uneasy peace, and a group of human rebels will stop at nothing to bring the guardian of the Green to his knees.

Shilo Norman is Mister Miracle in 2030, in both Superman of Metropolis and Superman: Worlds of War, but when he catches the Boom Tube out of the Bottle City of Metropolis, he'll wind up somewhere even worse! Warworld is where you'll also find Midnighter, who's on the hunt for a deadly energy source, and doesn't care who gets in his way. Metropolis Midnighter? Also on hand is the Black Racer, one of Warworld's greatest warriors, who's ready to become a champion of freedom.Future State New Heroes

Oh look, some Outsiders…

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