Live The Rock Star Life Of A Comic Book Colorist With Marvel's "Color Your Own" Adult Coloring App For iOS

Marvel has released a digital version of its Color Your Own adult coloring books in conjunction with Pixite, the makers of coloring app Pigment, for iOS. Featuring over 200 pages of artwork to color, the app offers regular people like you, or subhuman scum like us, the chance to experience what it's like to be a comic book colorist. For instance, have you ever been invited to a Marvel Creative Summit to help shape the future of the Marvel Universe through its next big super-mega-crossover event? No? Well, you still won't be after downloading this app. And just like a real life colorist, you can spend hours using your finely honed skills bringing these black and white pages to life, and still not get mentioned in most of the reviews. It's just like real life!

The app is available to download on the Apple store for free, though it comes with something called a "premium subscription" that gives you access to all of the pages, new pages every week, premium brushes and color palettes, and the ability to save your work without watermarks. But it still won't get most websites to do a "Best Colorists of 2017" article at the end of the year even though they did one for writers and pencillers, and on top of that insultingly called the pencillers one "artists." Seriously, what the hell?

Best of all, if you get really good at it, maybe one day you can turn your hobby into a profession and get a job at Marvel coloring actual comic books. And then, someone can erase all your work and put the black and white pages on a smartphone app so that children and bored adults can recolor it themselves. Check out the app on the Apple store today. If you have an Android phone or tablet, @#$% you.






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