Meet Red Legend – Is This Valiant's Wonder Woman?

divinity3_001_005It was about this time last year that we first heard that Valiant working on plans for a  "Wonder Woman-level icon" to step to the forefront of their universe.

Now, based on news in today's Hollywood Reporter, it looks like she may finally be arriving in the form of The Red Legend — "a Soviet-inspired heroine who can stand alongside Wonder Woman and other iconic female comic book heroes" and one of four new characters that is set to debut in Divinity III: Stalinverse #1 by Matt Kindt, Trevor Hairline, Ryan Winn and David Baron on December 21st.


One week later on December 28th, the character's origin will then be told in a new story by Matt Kindt and Britannia's Juan Jose Ryp in the Divinity III: Komandar Bloodshot #1 special by Jeff Lemire and Clayton Crain.

Divinity III_Comrade_Previews.inddAccording to Kindt, the character is a "real-world version" of the Slavic folktale of the firebird, but reimagined as "a Jewish girl who grows up in a Russian work camp. Her adoptive mother was a political prisoner… She does end up becoming a kind of symbol, but a different symbol to different people. A hero of mother Russia, but also a hero to those she left back in the labor camp."


And presumably one that is going to be able to hold her own against X-O Manowar and Bloodshot in the months to come…

For several months, Valiant reps have reiterated that the Stalinverse event is not an Elseworlds or What If-style alternate reality and repeatedly underlined that the story will have major, lasting consequences that will continue to play out over the coming year.

The Red Legend might just be the most concrete evidence of that yet… Indeed, Bleeding Cool has already learned of future plans for the character stretching far past the conclusion of the Stalinverse event.

Still, all we have to see of the character so far is a brief appearance alongside Divinity's big bad Myshka…

Where might the Red Legend turn up next?

Divinity III: Stalinverse #1 is on sale December 21st.

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