Which Order Should You Read Your Marvel And DC Comics Tomorrow So As Not To Impair Your Enjoyment?


So many comic books are now reliant on you reading other comics to make sense. Usually, there is a linear progression. But some of them come out on the same day.

So, just for you, from tomorrow's big superhero titles from Marvel and DC Comics…

Read Captain America: Steve Rogers #10 before you read Civil War II: The Oath. This is probably the biggest piece of advice to take notice of.

Read Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #6 before you read either Suicide Squad #10 or Justice League Of America: Killer Frost: Rebirth #1.

Read Avengers #1.MU before you read Spider-Man/Deadpool #1.MU.

Read Extraordinary X-Men #18 before you read IVX #3.

And also read Saga, Uber Invasion, Spell On Wheels, Dept H, No Mercy, Savage, Skybourne, The Dregs and Joyride before you read anything else, because they are usually pure dead brilliant.

This has been a public service from Bleeding Cool. You may now go about your business.

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