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New Hiya Toys Alien and Predator 1/18 Scale Collectible Figures
Last but not least is a new Alien Vs Predator 2 (AVP 2) figure as the Predator Wolf is back with a new unmasked figure This ugly hunter is ready to track down the asset and kill it with all necessary means with no one getting in his way All scaled for 3.75" format; these[...]
Hiya Toys Reveals New Alien Vs. Predator 1/18 Scale Figures
Alien Vs Predator might not take place in the canon universe of Predator or Alien lore, but it is still a great watch nonetheless It was interesting to see the history of both Xenomorph and Yautja combined together to give us something fun and unique Hiya Toys has been capturing these two legendary extraterrestrial species[...]
Two New Predators Revealed by Hiya Toys from AVP and Predators
Things start off in an alternate world as the jungle freezes over as we return back to the Alien Vs Predator universe The warrior Predator has arrived and is ready to take down the Xenomorphs once again Similar to the original Predator, these hunters include the original weapon layout and then some With an added[...]
New Predator Hunters From Alien vs Predator Arrive From Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys continues with its massive catalog of 1/18th scale figures with more from AVP: Alien vs Predator Two more Predators are on the hunt with some new variants and another of the trio Celtic is back in the series but this time is featured with a battle damaged deco With a scratched up mask,[...]
Alien Vs. Predator Arrive with New Hiya Toys 1/18th Scale Figures
In 2004 we finally got to see the ultimate sci-fi battle of the century with Alien Vs Predator In an alternate reality, explorers went to research a mysterious pyramid in Antarctica Unfortunately, they did not know they would be caught in the middle of the battle of a lifetime Hunters and Xenomorphs clash continues with[...]