American Gods Funko Pops Hit Stores in July

American Gods Funko Pops are on the way to stores this summer. The Starz series, based on the Neil Gaiman novel, is currently in production on its second season. Four characters will make up the wave, with Laura Moon getting a 1:6 chase version.

This reminds me a bunch of the Twin Peaks Funko Pops from last year. These will flood stores, wane in popularity, and then all of a sudden they will be gone. Hey, at least fans will not have to track down any exclusives (yet)! Look for them in stores in July. Check out the pics below!

The fantasy drama television series American Gods come to Funko Pop!
Collect Shadow Moon and the divine con artist Mr. Wednesday.
In addition, Shadow Moon's dead wife Laura Moon, and
the leprechaun Mad Sweeney join the series!

Look for the chase of Laura Moon, featured in a more
advanced stage of decomposition!
A rarity of 1-in-6!

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