Are You Ready For July 26nd? It's Doctor Who Comics Day

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Titan Comics have announced that there's going to be a very special international focus on Doctor Who comics on July 26nd, drawing in retailers, fans, no doubt cosplayers, and of course, you, the comics readers. I'm thinking this is going to be something like Hellboy Day as celebrated by fans and retailers a little while back, but all Who all day.

Signings? Giveaways? Variant covers? Yes, please. And let's not forget that Titan will be at SDCC on the 26th, so what Doctor Who Comics Day will be like in such a mecca of Whovians we can easily guess.


It's timed to celebrate along with the release of Titan's two new Doctor Who comics series  (featuring the 10th and 11th Doctors) on July 23rd of that week, with events following on the Saturday after their release, the 26th.


More details are set to be announced in the coming week but for now we have:

As well as being the first to read these exciting two new series, DOCTOR WHO COMICS DAY will give fans the chance to celebrate everything Doctor Who with signings, events, special variant covers and promotions in stores and at shows in the U.S.A, Canada, U.K. Australia and New Zealand!

Readers are encouraged to follow Titan on Twitter and Facebook to hear announcements of what might be coming to a shop near you.

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