Capcom Unveils New Monster Hunter World DLC: Iceborne Trailer

As part of Sony's State of Play stream today, Capcom unveiled a new trailer for Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne DLC. Iceborne was announced four months ago, but details on the expansion have been rather slim since. While today's trailer included some familiar bits from the initial teaser, we also got more information on the expansion's story as well as it's new big, bad dragon.

The trailer is as opaque as any Monster Hunter trailer is when it comes to story, but the basis of Iceborne is that the player ventures into a brand new world, with it's frozen tundra, and goes about doing the usual Monster Hunter business in the snow. The gameplay looks pretty familiar, but we'll obviously be getting some new weapons and gear updates, so get ready to go about grinding for those. Honestly, Iceborne looks pretty solid for a Monster Hunter: World expansion, so we're pretty excited for it.

Plus, watching palicos traipse through the snow honestly never gets old, so, thanks State of Play for starting off with some absolutely necessary cuteness.

Capcom will be unveiling more information on the expansion in the Spring Update livestream in just a few minutes, so do check back as we'll be providing updates as we get them.

You can check it out below.

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