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Sifu Gets A New gameplay Video During Sony's State Of Play
Developer and publisher Sloclap revealed a new gameplay video for Sifu during Sony's State Of Play livestream today The video, which has been dubbed "Into the Club, Part II", shows off a ton of footage of the devastating real-world kung fu combat moves you can master in the game, all of which are fueled and[...]
Sony Rolls Out Some New Content For The March State Of Play
Sony rolled out their latest State Of Play livestream for March 2021 today, and with it came some new content, but some of the same The big takeaways from this afternoon's event included seeing the extended trailer for Returnal, which is a sci-fi third-person psychological horror title set to come out at the end of[...]
PlayStation debuted 20 minutes of new The Last of Us Part 2 footage.
During a lengthy State Of Play broadcast, game director Neil Druckmann introduced some new footage and several bits and pieces of information that was previously unknown. PlayStation debuted 20 minutes of new The Last Of Us Part II footage, courtesy of Naughty Dog. During the video, Druckmann reiterated that the story is set mostly in Seattle, as[...]
The Last Of Us Part 2 Black and White Credit: Naughty Dog
Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed that the next State Of Play live stream will focus on The Last of Us Part II The word came down on the PlayStation Blog that the stream would take place this Wednesday and would be an extensive deep-dive into the game with more gameplay to show Here are the details[...]
Sony Debuts "Predator: Hunting Grounds" During State Of Play
During the State Of Play livestream this week, we got a brand new look at IllFonic's next game that they'll be publishing, Predator: Hunting Grounds The game appears to be a one-vs-everyone type of game that uses the Predator franchise as the foundation Either you hunt down and kill all the humans, or they put[...]
PlayStation's State of Play Debuted Footage of Square Enix's "Babylon's Fall"
Credit: Square Enix During today's PlayStation State of Play, we got a look at Babylon's Fall, the collaboration between Square Enix and PlatinumGames. The lengthy new trailer was our first real look at gameplay for the title, and it certainly didn't disappoint Here's the official word on the game by way of Square Enix: Babylon's Fall is a[...]
Techland Shows Off "Arise" During Sony's State Of Play
Among the many announcements made during Sony's State Of Play livestream yesterday, an unexpected one came from Techland with Arise The company is primarily known for the Dying Light series, which they're currently planning the sequel out for now along with Square Enix But Arise is a totally different beast that seemed to have come[...]
"MediEvil" Remake Demo Launches On PS4
During Sony's State of Play event on Tuesday, the company announced a demo for the MediEvil remake that's available on the Playstation Store starting today! Source: Sony The demo, which is dubbed MediEvil- Short-Lived, launches today and will expire on October 7 It features a brief level from the game's opening act, allowing undecided players to test[...]
"The Last Of Us Part II" Finally Receives A Release Date
During today's State Of Play livestream from Sony, we learned that The Last of Us Part II finally has a release date, and it's not too far off We now know the game will be released on February 21st, 2020 We also know that Naughty Dog will, of course, be releasing several editions of the[...]
Sony Reveals a Days of Play Limited Edition PS4 During State Of Play
During their State Of Play video today, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed a new Days of Play Limited Edition PS4 Much like they've done in the past with offering discounts on games and special offers during the summer, they will also be selling a 1TB PS4 Slim with a Dualshock controller Sadly, that's about all we[...]
AWAY: The Survival Series Received a State Of Play Announcement Trailer
During Sony's State Of Play stream today, we got a look at Breaking Walls' new game coming this year with AWAY: The Survival Series The game shows you as a creature in the wilderness trying to survive in a world where practically everything and every creature around you can and will kill you The game[...]
Sony Shows Off New Riverbond Trailer During State Of Play
During today's State Of Play video, Sony showed off a new video of Cococucumber's Riverbond coming to the PS4 this summer The game is a dungeon crawler that looks like a far prettier version of Minecraft, featuring solo adventuring, as well as drop-in/drop-out four-player local co-op where players "embark on a heroic campaign to rid[...]
Capcom Unveils New Monster Hunter World DLC: Iceborne Trailer
As part of Sony's State of Play stream today, Capcom unveiled a new trailer for Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne DLC Iceborne was announced four months ago, but details on the expansion have been rather slim since While today's trailer included some familiar bits from the initial teaser, we also got more information on the expansion's story as[...]
Sony is hosting a new PlayStation State of Play video series to discuss MediEvil later this month The first episode of "State of Play" debuted earlier this year in March, which makes this the second ever State of Play episode, which will drop later this week. Sony announced the new video earlier this morning, saying that[...]