A Cuphead Port Found its Way to iOS but it Turned Out to be a Fake

Cuphead app came to iOS briefly today causing mass confusion, and while it was playable, it has been confirmed as a fake and removed.

A Cuphead Port Found its Way to iOS but it Turned Out to be a Fake
credit//StudioMDHR Entertainment

Earlier today, the internet was abuzz with a sudden unannounced port of Cuphead for iOS for £4.99. This didn't really make sense as the game is a confirmed Microsoft exclusive, so a mobile port seemed off the table (not to mention, the game on mobile devices seemed like it would be… an ill fit). The listing had a convincing website purporting to be Studio MDHR which seemingly confirmed the port of the game. It got shared around and before anyone knew what it was, it was doing well.

If you bought the game and booted it up, it even played, albeit utterly terribly. You can see a little footage of it here (via VOOK64) and as you will see, it's a chaotic mess.

Well, the studio responded saying that the app was a total fake. They said:

The app has now been taken down, but it does leave some pretty big questions, the most important being, how was this allowed to happen? Surely this should have been screened and stopped when it went through the Apple's approval system, but sadly, it doesn't seem to be the case. The story of who the fakers are and what any fallout of this will be, is sure to be an interesting one.

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