Inform The Troops, The Complete Vader Has Arrived

My hardcover book fetish is almost exclusively confined to comic-related material, but I may have to broaden my horizons a bit for this one, in bookstores this week from my friends at Random House:

Star Wars: The Complete Vader is the definitive book on the history, myth, and cultural impact of Darth Vader. From his early development in the first Star Wars film by George Lucas, to the new legends created in comics, videogames, and novels, to his ongoing appearances on everything from television commercials to bedspreads, Vader presents a complete view in all his incarnations as the Dark Lord of the Sith. Going beyond the films to cover his further adventures in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, the book combines new insight with exclusive interviews and photographs from the Lucasfilm Archives. Interactive reproductions of rare memorabilia fire the imagination, while pages packed with never-seen-before images explore the world's endless fascination with the notorious Darth Vader.


And a bit more from a Wired article on this tome:

Written by Ryder Windham and Pete Vilmur, The Complete Vader also packs an assortment of pull-out facsimile documents enfolded in pocket inserts, including hilariously micromanaged instructions typed on Lucasfilm letterhead that detail exactly how actors should wear the Darth Vader uniform when making personal appearances:

"The pants (with suspenders) go on first, then the shirt and vest. The codpiece is put on next, then the chestplate with straps…. The cape should fall in pleats on either side of the belt buckle, with the light boxes arranged, one on each side of the buckle."

Inform The Troops, The Complete Vader Has Arrived

Inform The Troops, The Complete Vader Has Arrived

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