Is Marco Rudy The First Casualty Of The DC Relaunch?

The new October solicitations being dribbed and drabbed out through DC's Source and friendly websites. And everything is looking pretty shipshape, exposed genitalia aside.

One change appears to be Marco Rudy no longer being the listed artist on Suicide Squad #2, replaced by Federico Dallochio and Ransom Getty already.

Other amendments include Al Barrionuevo assisting Miguel Sepulveda on Stormwatch #2, Jason Gorder was always inking Grifter (listing Bit on #1 was a mistake,) Jonathan Vankin and Phil Winslade creating a back up strip on the oversize Men Of War #2, Jordi Bernet drawing a back up strip in All-Star Western #2, Richard Friend and Jay Fabok helping David Finch on art for The Dark Knight #2 (and the previously discussed Paul Jenkins co-writing the series) and Blond assisting Kenneth Rocafort on Red Hood And The Outlaws.

Ken Lashley is gone from the art on the second issue of Blackhawks #2, replaced by Graham Nolan and Norm Rapmund, though he is still doing the cover.

It's a harsh business, but a sign that DC is taking the tough decisions to keep those books timely.

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