Jimmy Fallon Missed His Chance With Nicole Kidman Because He Played Video Games On A 'Date'

Look, people. A bit of life advice. If a mutual friend invites an A-list actor or actress over to your apartment for a date, playing video games probably isn't the answer to having a great time. I know in just about all other cases, playing video games is the answer, but this is one of those few exceptions when it isn't.

Let Jimmy Fallon be your example. It turns out that once Nicole Kidman came over to his apartment for a brief date, totally unbeknownst to Fallon. His response to having one of the hottest stars at the time in his apartment? It was to fire up a game. As you might guess, that didn't impress Kidman too much.

The interview from the Tonight Show is a car wreck, but in the best kind of way. Kidman, who was on the show promoting Paddington, said she went over because she was single at the time and was in town. It's a great bit of late night television. Take a look below.


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