New Bad Guys Clip From Wreck-It Ralph Tells Us To Take It One Game At A Time

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool

Poor Ralph. If only he could accept his role as a bad guy in the video game world, he could find happiness.

This new clip from Wreck-it Ralph shows a scene with Bad Anon in which Ralph explains his dream to get a 'slice of the pie'

Who knew Clyde from Pacman could be so wise? This film may end up ruining video games for me. I won't feel all that great gobbling him up if I know there is a brain inbetween those pixels.

I wonder if the innocent people who I consistently mow down in the GTA games have their own support group. It must be hard going about your daily life when you are worried about a homicidal maniac killing you in one of a million ways.

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