'Preacher' Confessions: 'On The Road' / 'Mumbai Sky Tower' Takeaways

'Preacher' Confessions: 'On The Road' / 'Mumbai Sky Tower' Takeaways

So a preacher with the power of an angel/demon offspring, his hell-raising fugitive girlfriend and a drug-fueled vampire pile into a car and head-out to find God, who's gone MIA while doing His best "Caine-from Kung-Fu/walk the earth" imitation. Did I mention that the town they just came from just went all hedonistic-ally "scorched earth" after the revelation that God's been a dead-beat dad for awhile? And that they're being hunted by a seemingly unstoppable killing machine in the form of a gunslinger/soldier from the 1800's?

Welcome to the second season of Preacher!

But first…just in case you need a refresher course on Season One, AMC's got you covered with a wrap-up of what you missed on their site. Go on…I'll wait…

"Based on the popular cult comic book franchise of the same name, Preacher is an absurdly twisted and action-packed thrill ride. When Jesse Custer, a small-town preacher with a criminal past, realizes God is absent from Heaven, Jesse sets out to find Him. Along for the ride are Tulip, Jesse's volatile true love, and Cassidy, a 119-year-old Irish vampire, who is Jesse's best mate. The gang ends up in New Orleans, where they must dodge local gangsters, dangerous secret agents in white suits, and the Saint of Killers, an unstoppable murderous cowboy from Hell."

All caught-up? Ausgezeichnit! But before we go any further, a fair warning…


For the record? This isn't a formal review…but it does cover some themes and "takeaways" involving some major and minor developments from the episode. If you're not familiar with the comic book series or the show, you definitely should keep that in mind. If you're a fan of the series or have some idea of what's coming-up, then spoilers probably aren't that big of an issue for you but there may be some talk about subtle changes that you might want to avoid until you see them for yourself.

So here's AMC telling us what we should expect going into Preacher's two-part season premiere, On The Road / Mumbai Sky Tower:

On The Road: "Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy hit the road in search of God, and quickly realize they're being stalked by a killer cowboy from Hell."


Mumbai Sky Tower: "Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy track down a lead from Heaven to find out more about who The Cowboy is and why he's trying to kill them."

Overall Takeaway: My expectations for this two-part season premiere (which could've easily been a one-night, two-hour premiere instead because both episodes fly-by in no time whatsoever) were pretty simple: remind me again why I love Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), Tulip O'Hare (Ruth Negga) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) so much; and with Annville now literally nothing more than a memory, get their collective asses out on the road and hunting for "The Almighty." Both criteria were met and then some. The chemistry and trust between Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy is much stronger than in the first season, a natural progression that comes with the familiarity of working together. As for the road trip itself, Preacher starts-off this second season confirming where things were left-off at the end of the first season: our heroes are on "THE SEARCH FOR GOD" and it's "DAY ONE." By the end of the second episode, viewers are given some answers, offered a helluva' lot more questions and some closure to some of the leftover storylines from the premiere season.

Spare Parts: Some random thoughts, quotes and observations from tonight's episodes to keep in mind when you're watching for the first time or re-watching for the eighteenth time…

Preacher S02E01: On The Road

●  17 million circumcisions is a lot of foreskins for skin grafts and facial creams.

●  Tulip: "Hold on, they do not put foreskins in face cream." / Jesse: "You do have nice skin."

●  Dexy's Midnight Runners' Come On Eileen is not a "shite" song…just have to use it in the right context:

●  Shifting the look of the chase scene with the state troopers into a more "70's grindhouse" visual was a nice touch.

●  With Genesis, Jesse could be the greatest choreographer in the history of dance…

●  I feel particularly bad for the The Yellow Rose of Texas state trooper who got killed because he believed Cassidy and actually had a really nice voice.

'Preacher' Confessions: 'On The Road' / 'Mumbai Sky Tower' Takeaways

 "Smokey brain hand" should be either a social media handle or the name of a weed-based punk-ska band.

●  A head will only stop a slow-rolling cop car for so long, Cassidy…

●  Jesse: "Ready to go?" / Cassidy: "Yes, please." (One of the bigger understatements so far…)

●  Texas Pete Hot Sauce + YooHoo Chocolate Drink = a clean mouth free from the taste & smell of intestines.

●  One thing we've learned about Cassidy so far is that he doesn't play well with others'…pets.

●  Two times during the first episode, Tulip almost hears the news about Annville but gets distracted: first at the convenience store and then at the strip club. It's only a matter of time before the three of them find-out…curious about their respective reactions.

●  Tulip: "We're in Texas. They pretty much grow 'dumb-ass crazy' here."

●  Cassidy: "That's what it is: unlucky start. Nuthin' but smooth sailin' from here-on-out."

'Preacher' Confessions: 'On The Road' / 'Mumbai Sky Tower' Takeaways

●  Convenience store owner pays the price for his experience with Genesis, with The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) guaranteeing that he won't be speaking to to Jesse ( or anyone else) ever again.

●  "DO NOT TRESPASS AGAINST US!" speaks thematically to the entire series.

●  Nothing makes the cockles of a man's heart swoon faster than watching the woman he loves pick brain matter and body parts out of her hair: love at first sight.

●  Preacher Mike (Glenn Morshower): "Now…anyone else I never met want to tell me how to minister?" Give this man some time and a covered cage (covered is a must) and he'll cure you of your addictions whether it's "drugs…sex…Twitter…" or some other vice.

●  Preacher Mike: "Book? You call Heaven on an angel phone to discover God's gone to roam the earth. What book is that exactly?" Raising an excellent point for Jesse to consider…

●  Sensing some seriously ominous foreshadowing of family troubles to come…

'Preacher' Confessions: 'On The Road' / 'Mumbai Sky Tower' Takeaways

●  Jesse: "Thanks, Cas." (Translation: "Thanks, Cas…but there's no well in holy hell Tulip and I are having sex in front of you. But the offer's appreciated.")

●  Preacher Mike:  "Ever consider if the good Lord's gone missing, maybe he's got a reason?"

●  For Jesse, the Genesis power and this journey to find God is "the call" his father John spoke to him about when he was still a little boy.

●  Preacher Mike:  "You broke my door. And my dog. What the hell else do you want?"

●  The Saint of Killers seemingly shows a begrudging respect/admiration for Preacher Mike's decision to take his own life and not give-up Jesse's location before The Saint could torture the information out of him.

●  Sorry, Cassidy: She She's really is an "honest strip club."

●  Keep one eye glued to the monitors in Tammy's office: "hands in three" started a bit of a problem for Cassidy, a stripper and bouncer Doug that's not only funny but about to play a major part of what's happening in the foreground.

●  Jesse:  "I'm not going to beat her. She's an old lady." Hysterical exchange between Jesse and Tulip over the "moral superiority" of beating-up Tammy as opposed to using Genesis on her for answers. Unfortunately for Tammy, Genesis or even a punch would've been better than the stray bullet from Room #3 that finds its unfortunate mark.

●  Tammy: "He didn't come for the girls, you idiot. He came for the jazz."

'Preacher' Confessions: 'On The Road' / 'Mumbai Sky Tower' Takeaways

●  Is it just me or is Tammy really concerned with making sure Jesse understands that he's going to shit himself when he finally tracks-down God?

●  The rule is for dropped food, not for fondling strippers, Cassidy…and it's five seconds, not three, Tulip.

●  Tulip:  "You open it." As she locks herself in the bathroom, wanting Jesse to punch down the door to get to her.

●  Jesse/Tulip are now quickly tied with Rick/Michonne (The Walking Dead) for my favorite geek couple right now.

●  I'm glad vampires don't have to take cold showers; otherwise, Cassidy would've missed that  "The Amazing Ganesh" and the angel Fiore (Tom Brooke) were one-in-the-same.

●  That moment when you're Jesse and you realize that the murderous juggernaut coming your way doesn't give a rat's ass about Genesis or anything else you have to say to him: he just wants you dead.

●  RIP Steve Dillon

Preacher S02E02: On The Road

●  It's Alonso's Old Tyme Axl Greese to the rescue!

●  The Greater Association of Gun Aficionados is about to find itself righteously out-gunned…

●  Jesse is getting a little too comfortable with using Genesis to manipulate others, usually to their own demise. A case of the hunter becoming what he's hunting?

'Preacher' Confessions: 'On The Road' / 'Mumbai Sky Tower' Takeaways

●  Fuck. They learned about Annville. But there's no time to mourn. Not yet, at least.

●  If a guy who just got his arm blown-off by a hell-spawned creature of murderous vengeance wants root beer instead of ginger ale, he should get root beer instead of ginger ale. Just sayin'…seems right.

●  The Saint may not have change for a dollar, but he'll show you firsthand (and head first) where to find some.

●  "Roll Away Your Troubles: Mumbai Sky Towers" just feels right for this episode and I'm still not even sure why.

●  Fiore's life after the death of his partner-angel DeBlanc (Anatol Yusef) is a truly heartbreaking one: a lonely angel who lost his love and can't even kill himself to be with him on whatever may be waiting for angels who die.

●  Frank Patel (Vic Sahay): India's Frank Sinatra and the "velvet fog" at the Mumbai Sky Towers…until Fiore's public suicide attempt proves popular and "The Amazing Ganesh" is born!

●  Fiore/Ganesh gets to "die" several times every night for the roar of the crowds; while deep down, he wishes for the one death that will be the one that lasts.

●  Fiore/Ganesh is like the Gallagher for the horror-comedy crowd.

●  Jesse:  "You're still mad?" Jesse learns from Fiore/Ganesh that The Saint can track Jesse every time he uses Genesis; and we learn that Fiore/Ganesh is just now learning that God has gone on walkabout.

●  Fiore/Ganesh:  "I don't know what happened to me. I used to be happy."

●  Fiore/Ganesh:  "My only hesitation whatsoever…is…I really…don't…give a shit."

'Preacher' Confessions: 'On The Road' / 'Mumbai Sky Tower' Takeaways

●  Tulip finally begins processing the loss of Annville (in particular, her uncle Walter) by sharing a story from her childhood with Jesse. With the loss of Annville, Tulip questions whether there's any point in going on while Jesse sees it as even more reason to confront God for what's transpired.

●  Tulip:  "You're one of the best figure-it-out-ers I know, Jesse Custer."

●  Tulip:  "Jesse Custer, that was the worst marriage proposal I've ever heard."

●  Cassidy:  "Okay. Less heroin." A public service announcement to never shoot-up with Cassidy.

●  "Where do dead angels go?" A question that no one can answer and freezes Fiore/Ganesh cold.

●  Hmmm…I smell a Preacher/Riverdale crossover…

●  I know I'd enjoy a night cranked-out of my skull, playing tent in a $2500/night suite. Who wouldn't?

'Preacher' Confessions: 'On The Road' / 'Mumbai Sky Tower' Takeaways

●  Fiore/Ganesh is smitten with Cassidy…giving Fiore a chance to feel "alive" again. At least for a little while…

●  Tulip:  "Awesome crazy." (Sorry…just really liked that…)

●  Those who do not learn from the past are destined to have it come back in the form of a guy named Gary who shows-up right when you decide to get a quickie marriage.

●  Frank Patel is a man with a serious Sinatra fixation and a hard-on against everything "The Amazing Ganesh."

●  Patel:  "No matter what it is…no matter what the question. Music is the answer."

●  Tulip:  "Victor's got slots in Texas." Something I'm sure she wishes she'd remembered earlier…

●  Tulip:  "Don't…tell…Jesse." So Tulip's going to need Cassidy's help since Gary is no longer in any condition to walk…breathe…have normal brain patterns…things like that. I'm pretty sure Cassidy will be more than happy to oblige…for a whole bunch of reasons.

●  Jesse might mean well with how he's been using Genesis, but Fiore/Ganesh is sensing a power slowly corrupting…

'Preacher' Confessions: 'On The Road' / 'Mumbai Sky Tower' Takeaways

●  Jesse:  "Find peace." Jesse wished that upon Fiore/Ganesh using Genesis, not realizing that that wish may be Jesses's fatal undoing: for Fiore/Ganesh, "find peace" means destroying Genesis so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands and finally finding a permanent death. So his interest in calling-off The Saint? Doesn't exist…the deal stays the same as it was negotiated in Hell.

●  Fiore/Ganesh:  "Kill Genesis and you'll see your family again." A reminder to The Saint of their deal…before Fiore/Ganesh makes an additional request.

●  Fiore/Ganesh: "I have to get out of here." A "saintly" death for Fiore/Ganesh with no encore performance. By the look on his face, maybe he now knows where angels go when they die. And maybe it's not so bad.

Our next stop? New Orleans! So we'll see you next week for some takeaways from our next episode, Damsels:

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy get a tip that God might be in New Orleans. Tulip's hiding a secret and their stop in New Orleans risks exposing her.

And a look at what's ahead for Season 2:

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