Steven Spielberg And Mark Protosevich Brainstorming Ideas For Jurassic Park 4

Steven Spielberg And Mark Protosevich Brainstorming Ideas For Jurassic Park 4Hannah Shaw-Williams writes for Bleeding Cool:

Nothing is confirmed, no one has signed anything, nothing official has been said and nothing for sure is going to come of this. Caveat in place, let's make way for Jurassic Park 4! Wahey, dinosaurs and that!

The Hollywood Reporter has uncovered some meetings going on between Steven Spielberg and Mark Protosevich, in which the director and writer are kicking around some early ideas for another installment in the Jurassic Park franchise. A sequel has been on the back burner for a decade now, ever since Jurassic Park III grossed only a third of what the original film had made, but it seems like Spielberg is about ready to go prehistoric again.

Universal Studios have been stressing the fact that these discussions are "purely exploratory" and that they don't mean we're definitely going to get another sequel. In the negative zone it must be remembered that Michael Crichton, author of the novels, and dinosaur designer Stan Winston have both passed away since the last film was made, and lead actor Sam Neill has declared his belief that the series is well and truly over.

The last time that Spielberg and Protosevich met was to discuss an American remake of Park Chan-Wook's Oldboy starring Will Smith in the lead role, a project that thankfully never came to fruition.

I was only around 6 or 7 years old when the first film came out and for weeks I had nightmares full of scaly skin and big teeth, a bit like the first time I saw The Bruce Forsyth Show. I'm hoping that this sequel goes ahead and shows a return to what made Jurassic Park such a fun ride.

Brendon's note: Jurassic Park was a fun ride? Fooled me.