Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Star Wars To Mortal Kombat, Conan: Red Sonja And More

By Randy Young and Chris Hunter

Bleeding Cool welcomes the return of Talking Comics, from Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games in Shreveport, Louisiana, to discuss this week's upcoming books, speculating about where they are headed, and discuss their favorite storylines.

Hosts Randy Young and Chris Hunter say:

Thanks for pressing play!

Again, like last week, not a lot of storylines to cover but we will be talking about Spider-Man and what's going on in his universe this week as well as we finally get the second part of the Spider-Verse storyline!

The biggest book to hit the shelf this week is going to be none other than Star Wars #1! At this point there are least 100 variant covers available for this first issue alone! Are you going to be getting Star Wars #1 this week, which will probably be the biggest hit of the year starting already here in January?

We also get to see a team up with with Conan and Red Sonja, a 4 issue miniseries that will be going on this week written by everyone's favorite writer, Gail Simone! Also, a fan favorite videogame series is getting a new update this year and we are celebrating that with the Mortal Kombat X #1 heading to the shelf this week before the new video game hits the market! Are you a fan of Mortal Kombat from back in the day? Tell us below if you are!

Don't miss the question of the week because we are talking Image Comics and we want to know what you think about them this week!

Time stamps for this episode:

03:52 Spider-Verse #2

06:04 Star Wars #1

08:28 Fables The Wolf Among Us #1

09:56 Mortal Combat X #1

11:03 Rat Queens: Braga Special

11:53 Conan Red Sonja #1

26:18 Wild's End #5

26:50 X #21

27:38 Copperhead #5

28:56 Captain Marvel #11

29:25 Hulk vs. Thanos #2

30:18 Lazarus #14

31:01 Guardians 3000 #4

32:45 Jupiter's Legacy #5

34:12 Daredevil #12

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