Thursday Runaround – Don't Commit Suicide, Get Frozen In Ice Instead

PravdaWatch: Russian newspaper of enforced choice, Pravda, reports on a British graphic novel about Yuru Gagarin.

"Yuri's Day" tells of Gagarin's gradual disillusionment with the Soviet system," said the authors of the book Andrew King, Pierce Bison and Peter Hodgkinson. They added that they intended to reveal the complexity of Soviet reality "in its insane and cruel splendor."

WeaponWatch: The Independent newspaper offers advice to Phoenix Jones and his ilk.

Guns. The central implausibility of Marvel comics and their offshoots was that superheroes could defeat gun-wielding villains by moving faster than speeding bullets or flinging sticky goo at them. Guys: you can't, unarmed, get the better of chaps with guns. No matter how impressive your Ninja helmet or your plastic six-pack.

: Anecdotal evidence is that customers have been buying and trying more DC titles out at the $2.99 orice piint. But will it enough to make up for the lost revenue?

BC ComicChronThis is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

Masked Avengers Doing Good In Japan

A forty-year-old manga starring a mask-wearing wrestler is inspiring Japan to do good. Only, they are dishing out presents instead of punches. Rwar. This holiday season, child welfare facilities around Japan were inundated with anonymous gifts under the name of "Naoto Date", the hero of retro manga and anime Tiger Mask.

'Ant-Man' crawls forward | 24 Frames | Los Angeles Times

Marvel Comics fans who've been clamoring for Edgar Wright to get to the insect-like business of writing "Ant-Man" may have a reason to feel happy. The director this week picked up the pen on the movie's script for the first time in more than two years.

DCU in 2011: Jesus Saiz to be new BIRDS OF PREY ongoing artist

Starting in May with issue #12, Jesus Saiz will be joining BIRDS OF PREY as the regular ongoing artist.

Which one of you is Oracle?

The Death of Oracle continues in BIRDS OF PREY #8, as the twisted villain Mortis has Black Canary, Huntress, Dove and Lady Blackhawk cornered. Can Oracle and Batman help them in time? And is Dove's ruse enough to keep them at bay long enough for help to arrive?

3 Vertigo Original Graphic Novels To Look Out For in 2011

Told from a young girl's perspective of innocence and curiosity, MARZI is Marzena Sowa's account of growing up in 1980s Communist Poland. Sowa weaves stories of her childhood shaped by politics to form a compelling and powerful narrative. Drawn by Sylvain Savoia, MARZI is an incredibly fresh and honest portrait of growing up behind the Iron Curtain.

Captain America puts focus on suicide prevention –

Captain America has never been one to surrender or back down from a fight. In the latest Marvel tale involving the patriotic crime-fighter, the character finds himself testing his mettle against seemingly insurmountable odds, while unwittingly saving the life of a boy who is considering suicide.

25 Years of Dark Horse :: Blog :: Dark Horse Comics

It was 25 years ago that we decided to put a comic book together with a simple idea in mind…to give comics creators the chance to work outside mainstream superhero fare and create the projects they really wanted to do. We thought that, given that chance, these artists and writers would welcome the opportunity to get away from capes and long underwear, and stretch their creative bones.

DSP Media & SM Entertainment respond to Japanese comic strip

Earlier, a Japanese comic strip made headlines on the news for its attacks on girl groups like KARA and SNSD, in an effort to damage the Hallyu wave. On January 13th, DSP Media and SM Entertainment released official statements regarding the issue. Representatives of DSP Media stated, "The comic illustrates distorted and unconfirmed information as if it were the truth. First and foremost, the information is incorrect, and to depict Korean girl groups in such a negative and sexual manner is blatant defamation. We will be taking aggressive legal action on the matter."

Glenn Beck: I should've invested in 'Spider-Man'

"You buy your ticket now if you're thinking about coming to New York because when this thing opens and gets starting to run, you will not be able to get tickets to this for a year. This is one of those shows. This is the 'Phantom' of the 21st century. This is history of Broadway being made. I sat next to the casting director, by chance, and I told him at the end, I said, 'You, sir, are part of history.'"

As DCUO Drops, MMO Dev Seeks Interns for Marvel Universe MMO

Gazillion Entertainment is a leading developer, publisher and operator of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games for wide audiences. Gazillion has assembled talent from across the landscape of MMOs, videogames, animated feature films and technology to address the mission of building breakthrough massively multiplayer experiences featuring world class brands and original franchises, superior production quality and unmatched gameplay. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Gazillion has four independent but wholly owned MMO development studios located in California, Colorado, and Washington currently in production on such titles as the Marvel Super Hero Squad and Marvel Universe MMOs, LEGO Universe, Jumpgate Evolution and as yet unannounced AAA MMOs.

Sneak Peek: X-Men #8

From the powerhouse creative team of writer Victor Gischler and artist Chris Bachalo, comes the X-Men's return to New York in To Serve And Protect

Todd McFarlane: 'Spawn' could be the 'Jaws' of superhero films | Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times

I remember the first time — for the release of Spawn No. 1 — my wife was out of town so I had my little daughter who was about 5 or 6 months old. So I packed her up, ""OK, I'm going to do this signing with my daughter." And now fast-forward and she's in her second year at NYU. Wow. It's been that many years and that's what it takes to get to that kind of a number in comic books.

ECTOPLASMOSIS! » Did Batman Invent the Tail Fin?

In perusing through the archives, I noticed that the first "true" Batmobile, ca. 1940, has a large bat wing attached to the roof of the car. It isn't exactly a tail fin, but mass produced tail fins would not start to appear until about 1948. The traditional story, promoted by GM later on, was that the P-38 Lightning warplane was the inspiration for the tail fin. The Caped Crusader was rocking the tail fin by the spring of 1941. Perhaps he brought the tail fin down to earth and into the automotive world? Can we therefore credit the Batman with inventing a piece of Americana?

Archie Comics to Go Digital –

Archie Andrews, the perpetual teenager from Riverdale, is taking another step into the future. Beginning in April, Archie Comics will offer digital versions of its comics on the same day that the print editions arrive on newsstands. The company will be starting with six monthly titles: Archie, Archie & Friends, Betty, Veronica, Betty and Veronica, and Jughead.

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