Vampire Dog Is About To Be Your New Favorite Thing

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool

There is a lot of fuss over a trailer that debuted full of "Academy Award winners" and "critically acclaimed actors". But here at Bleeding Cool we like to accommodate all tastes. If the Lincoln trailer was not for you, perhaps I can interest you in Geoff Anderson's Vampire Dog. It's bound to be at least the third film you have seen Norm MacDonald voice a live action dog.

It would appear that being a vampire dog is a lot easier than being a vampire human. Most of those have to drink blood, stay out of the sun and be cautious around garlic to sustain themselves. A vampires dog needs none of the above. The ability to run fast and be slightly old will be enough to qualify you for the title. That and the ability to always be on a raised surface.

While Brendon was hoping for a Vampire Dog and Wizard Dog crossover, my money is on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Dog Hunter.