Stan Lee To Publish New High School Comic "Backchannel" With Artist Andie Tong From LINE Webtoon

Living comics legend Stan Lee is returning to High School! No, it's not the sequel to the 1986 Rodney Dangerfield classic "Back to School" (although now that we bring it up, it should be). This is a new digital comic from LINE Webtoon that pairs Lee with Tom Akel as co-writer and Andie Tong as artist to create a new story in the tradition of classic Lee creations (Steve who?) like Spider-Man. Called Backchannel, a press release describes the concept thusly:

In need of a moment of escapism, Tom returns to his favorite digital comics. This time though, the comic is disturbingly on point with what Tom has been experiencing. As he continues to read, Tom realizes that there are encrypted messages in the comic from an unknown ally who clearly knows everything Tom has been up to.

When he discovers that hacktivist group Backchannel is aware of his new abilities and reaching out to him for help, Tom is set on a very dangerous path.

At 93 years old, Lee is still going strong, using his sharp mind and decades of writing talent to come up with new concepts that are relevant to the modern world.

"What are these mysterious electrical devices with shiny screens that magically display comic book images out of thin air?" asked a befuddled Lee in the press release, probably. "How do they work without wires? Is it a new kind of superpower? Where is the rotary dial? Who knows? But fear not, True Believer – our young hero Tom will get to the bottom of these mighty mysteries using his new superpower, 'hacking!' Excelsior!"

Backchannel will be released sometime in 2017.


This article was updated to reflect the correct spelling of Andie Tong's name.

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