Swipe File: Simon Williams Vs. Tshirtconnex

"I am an artist that will customize any garment with any image request" says tshirtconnex. Including comic book work as well… from all sorts of people.

$_12 (2)

This is British artist Simon Williams' cover for Spectacular Spider-man #100 from Panini in the UK.


Simon has noticed.

Simon Williams: Just had this pointed out to me… someone selling unauthorised t-shirts on eBay using my artwork without permission. I shall be reporting this to Ebay straight away!

Socks as well, Simon.

$_57 (2)


In fact, plenty of copyright challenging socks.

$_57$_57 (1)$_12$_12 (1)

The seller specialises in reproducing copyright images on shirts and socks, then selling them on eBay. But for how much longer?


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