Meet The Time Luchadores In Future State: Superman Of Metropolis #1

I mentioned something in one of my Future State gossip columns about upcoming Superman comics that exploded in my inbox. The Time Luchadores. Today we get to see them as Supergirl squares up to Jonathan Kent, the new Superman, in today's Future State: Superman Of Metropolis by Sean Lewis, John Timms, Gabe Eltaeb, and Dave Sharpe.

Future State Swamp Thing Rewrites The New Anatomy Lesson

But it wasn't a new Brainiac, The Five Empires, The Golden Gods of Creon, that got people's attention. On Reddit, Twitter and the BC comments, it was just the phrase "The Time Luchadores" that got people's attention. And here they are.

Future State Swamp Thing Rewrites The New Anatomy Lesson

Of course, I know nothing about wrestling, so I turned to Bleeding Cool's El Presidente.

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, reporting to you live from a warehouse in Georgia where I am about to set fire to 11,780 votes for President Trump. But I am here because comrade Rich Johnston asked me to explain the significance of Time Luchadores in today's Superman of Metropolis.

My friends, Lucha Libre is Mexican professional wrestling, and Mexican professional wrestlers are called Luchadores. Since these Luchadores are fighting Superman and Supergirl, we can assume that they are rudos, or villains. If Superman and Supergirl were Luchadores, they would be called técnicos, or heroes.

Back when I was running a South American dictatorship, most of my subjects believed that I was a técnico. "Your Excellency," my loyal advisors were always telling me, "you should wear a colorful mask the next time you speak to the people, they will really like it." But I would then explain to them that mascaras are important symbols in Lucha Libre, with a history that goes all the way back to Aztec civilization, not mere props, and besides, if people do not like El Presidente's glorious visage, I will simply have my secret police drag them from their homes in the middle of the night and execute them in the streets like dogs. Haw haw haw haw!

The point is that comrade Rich should pay more attention to wrestling. It is like comics in a lot of ways, but British imperialist pigs are not known for their open minds. Until next time, my friends: socialism or death!

When you start getting into cricket, maybe, El Presidente, but until then, at least I have some clue. And hey, DC Comics, I think that The Time Luchadores should see publication in the main Superman titles sooner rather than later, and maybe get a spin-off? Perhaps, since Marvel has partnered with Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, DC Comics might choose to get into bed with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre over this?

No, me neither. Superman Of Metropolis is on sale today.

Retail: $5.99
1120DC038 | NOV207038 | DCC20110038 | DC Comics
(W) Sean Lewis – Brandon Easton (A) John Timms – Cully Hamner – Valentine De Landro (CA) John Timms
Before leaving for parts unknown, Clark Kent entrusted Earth's safety to his son. Now, Jonathan Kent is Superman! Top priority for this new Superman: to protect Metropolis. When a new version of Brainiac attacks, Jon takes drastic measures—which result in the Bottle City of Metropolis! But watch out, Jon, because Supergirl is on her way, and she is not happy with your decision. Meanwhile, in the new bottle city, a new hero has risen. Jake Jordan, the former Manhattan Guardian, came to the City of Tomorrow to start over. But he's not the only one who wants a new beginning. An anarchist calling herself Honest Mary sees this time of trouble as an opportunity for rebirth—and she'll tear down the entire city to prove her point. Does Jake have what it takes to save his new home from disasters both inside and out of the bottle? Superman's former pal Jimmy Olsen is going to make sure he does! Finally, the current Mister Miracle, Shilo Norman, is also in the bottle, and he's looking for a way out! He'd better be careful, though, or he may end up someplace unexpected. It's a story that continues in Superman: Worlds of War #1! This title is fully returnable at a later date.


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