Transformers Galaxies #7 Review: We Can Purify Our Sparks

Transformers: Galaxies #7
Heretech has led an entire community of Transformers into space, seeking religious purity and peace … except one member of the flock has questions.

The tribes of Cybertron are virtually immortal and have spent millions of years, spreading themselves through the stars. A powerful Transformer called Plenary Heretech (looks like it's the one from the 2019 IDW continuity) has collected a massive group of mechanoids, including a Curate (religious believer) called Gauge. They have formed a cult religious commune called Reversionists on a spaceship, seeking sparks (hearts) that "are the purest of them all" as they fled the world before the beginning of the civil war, which became the most telling thing about their race.

Transformers Galaxies #7 Review: We Can Purify Our Sparks
The cover for Transformers Galaxies #7 published by IDW Publishing with the creative team of Sam Maggs, Beth McGuire-Smith, Josh Burcham, and Jake M. Wood.


Unfortunately, Gauge has doubts, and questions the righteousness of Heretech as "chosen representative of Primus," the god of the Transformers from whom all of their numbers sprang. Of Heretech, Gauge has been told, "he has a direct line. Through the Plenary, we can purify our sparks. Bring us closer to Primus. To what we are truly meant to be."

There is an underlying idea here that would be a bit of a spoiler to reveal, but it is, in fact, clever and interesting. Unfortunately, it's a long and needlessly plodding path getting to this connection. The Sam Maggs script is much more set up than a periodical publication should have to bear. Still, the visuals from Beth McGuire-Smith, Josh Burcham, and Jake M. Wood are visually engaging and clever, if a bit monochromatic. In the larger scope of things, this is an important piece of the puzzle. In the immediacy of the day, this doesn't justify the cost of admission. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

Transformers: Galaxies #7
(W) Sam Maggs (A/CA) Umi Miyao (Cover B: Alex Milne)
Sam Maggs (Marvel Action: Captain Marvel, Marvel: Fearless and Fantastic!, DC: Brave and Bold!) and Umi Miyao (Transformers) weave a tale of deception and perception in "Gauging the Truth," Part 1! Cycles ago, a Reversionist ship left Cybertron in the wake of a great calamity. Gauge, the youngest Cybertronian in the universe, knows she was forged on the planet, but only remembers her life on the ship. Her life's about to be shaken as her whole concept of the truth is thrown into question by the mysterious figures in the brig.

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