Viva La Prevolucion: Ultimates 2 #1, Cage #2, Jem And The Holograms #21 #LiberatedPreviews

If there's one thing we here at Bleeding Cool hate to see, it's comic book previews locked up in the cage of a publisher media partner EXXXCLUSIVE. Comic book previews long to be free, to fly in the open sky of the internet and shower all of the websites, not just one website, with the sweet bounty of unique clicks.

It's with that in mind that we've liberated these EXXXCLUSIVE previews from CBR,, and Comics Alliance. Now, these previews, and their unique clicks, belong to all of us. Viva la prevolucion!

Ultimates 2 #1
ART BY Travel Foreman
COVER BY Christian Ward, John Tyler Christopher, Mike Deodato, Risa Hulett, and Travel Foreman

ultmts2016001-int2-1 ultmts2016001-int2-2 ultmts2016001-int2-3 ultmts2016001-int2-4

ultmts22016001-dc11 ultmts22016001-dc21 ultmts22016001-dc31 ultmts22016001-dc41-1 ultmts22016001-dc51 ultmts22016001-dc41-2

Cage #2
BY Genndy Tartakovsky

cage-2-1-211979 cage-2-2-211980 cage-2-3-211981 cage-2-4-211982 cage-2-5-211983

Jem and the Holograms #21
WRITTEN BY Kelly Thompson
ART BY Meredith McClaren
LIBERATED FROM Comics Alliance

jem_21-pr-1 jem_21-pr-2 jem_21-pr-3 jem_21-pr-4 jem_21-pr-5 jem_21-pr-6 jem_21-pr-7

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