What if Orson Welles's War of the Worlds Broadcast Was Real?

Milton Lawson writes…

Hello there. I'm Milton Lawson, a comic writer based in Houston TX. I've written "Roger Ebert and Me" and "Winter Sale." The Ebert comic was a finalist at the Ghost City Comics Competition. I'm the writer of a new graphic novel, "ORSON WELLES: WARRIOR OF THE WORLDS".

The book follows this premise: what if the events described in Orson Welles's infamous radio broadcast was not an adaptation of H.G. Wells, but rather, something that really happened?

The structure of the story is inspired by "Citizen Kane." When Orson Welles dies, he leaves Paula, a lifelong friend and filmmaking collaborator, a clue that leads her to search for answers. Welles left many mysteries and unfinished projects behind – both as a filmmaker and an alien-hunter.

The trailer for the comic is narrated by the voice actor Maurice LaMarche, whose imitation of Welles is marvelous:


Each chapter in the book is illustrated in a different style, often inspired by a film from Welles's career. A number of extraordinary talents will be contributing art to the book. Erik Whalen (Spirit Drifters) is the anchor of the team, drawing the first chapter, some interlinking segments, as well as a noir-flavored chapter inspired by "The Third Man." Rem Broo (The End Times of Bram & Ben) draws a chapter filled with sci-fi space action. Jorge Santiago Jr. (Spencer and Locke) draws a steampunk action chapter. Martyn Lorbiecki (Earworm) draws a vibrant chapter inspired by Welles's real-life trip to Brazil in 1942. Renton Hawkey (Ronin Digital Express) is the cover artist and also draws a chapter involving Welles and a historic moment in the history of theater.

We are running a Kickstarter campaign to bring this project to life – and we need your support! It's a total indie effort. We've set an ambitious goal, but with your help, we can take you on a journey through Orson Welles's storied career – but with, y'know, aliens, secret government agencies, space armadas, and it's all focused on unraveling the mystery of Welles's final words upon his deathbed. What was his "Rosebud?" We plan to answer that question in an epic sci-fi and filmmaking story that will span two graphic novel volumes.

Please help bring the book to life by visiting www.OrsonWellesComic.com and sharing the link to the Kickstarter campaign and pledging if you can. This book is right at the nexus of comics and film, just like Bleeding Cool, and that's why we're here, to reach out to the BC community to share in all the fun.

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