Yen Press Announces ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken Manga

Yen Press announced the acquisition of the manga series ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken, with a story by Otaro Maijo and art by Yuuki Kodama, the creator of Blood Lad.

Yen Press Announces ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken Manga
"ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken" manga cover art from Yen Press

This is a direct sequel to the hit Winter 2020 anime series ID: Invaded. This was a Cyberpunk thriller in a future where cops can tap into killers' minds to gather clues, find out their motives, and gather evidence to arrest them. Cops, victims, and even other killers can enter a killer's subconscious mindscape as the story got more and more complex. Of course, when you combine a serial killer plot with a Cyberpunk dystopia, things in the story are going to go horribly wrong for everyone. That's rather the point of the whole story.

The first season of the anime series ended on a cliffhanger with several plot threads still unresolved. There's probably going to be a second season, but its release date hasn't been announced yet. A manga spinoff and adaptation of the series was already running when the anime as running early in the year, and this new series will continue the storyline while fans wait for news about the anime.

As the official synopsis for ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken goes:

"When Sakaido wakes up in a strange room next to a dead girl, there are only two things he knows for sure—1) he's a brilliant detective, and 2) he has to solve the mystery of Kaeru's death. What surprises await the brilliant detective in this strange, new world?

ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken ties into the anime series that debuted in January 2020, one of the most popular of the Winter 2020 season. It is, in fact, a direct sequel to the original anime's storyline. The highly-anticipated manga series appeals to both fans of the anime adaptation as well as longtime fans of Blood Lad."

More announcements will be made at the Yen Press Industry Panel at the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo on Saturday, September 5, at 11:00, am PT.

ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken, Vol. 1, is scheduled for a February 2021 release in print and digital formats.

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