Yes, There Will Be An I Hate Fairyland Coloring Book And It Will Be Awesome

I Hate Fairyland by Skottie Young is within the top 3 of my favorite comics right now. Why? Because it's full of gore and brilliance. Some exciting news was announced during this round of Image's solicits and that includes the 6th issue of I Hate Fairyland, plus a COLORING BOOK!

Before we talk about that, listen to the creator himself:

Along with the announcement for the coloring book came the #6 release date for June 15th. This is one of the most delightfully colorful comics on shelves, so it's going to be a lot of fun to color.



But back to that spoiler cover…I can't wait to move forward with Gert's story in Fairyland. Each issue thus far has been surprising, entertaining, and laugh out loud funny. It can only get better from here. Oh…and what a glorious cover it is!



The I Hate Fairyland Coloring Book will be out on June 1st, but be sure to grab your copy of the I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1 TP out next month!

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