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Young Justice #17 Review: Could Easily Be Forgotten

In the aftermath of the Justice League's big recent battle with the Perpetual-empowered Legion of Doom, Young Justice and the League stick around to clean up some of the scary amount of collateral damage created by this dust up. That's where Yolanda comes into play.

Young Justice #17 Review: Could Easily Be Forgotten
The cover of Young Justice #17. Credit: DC Comics
Our perspective character, from a certain point of view, Yolanda is a teenager whose father drives his food truck down to the site to pass out water bottles and food to the assembled heroes and first responders gratis as a means of supporting them. Yolanda is freaked out about the idea of walking through a group of, essentially, weapons of mass destruction. Her father insists she goes because she can't cook. Once out there, the fresh faced teens of Young Justice accept her without pause, appreciative of her support.
As she wanders amongst the wreckage and recovery, many of the team's members have encounters with their older counterparts and each other, making for some fantastic character moments (Jinny Hex trying to get the scoop on Wonder Woman romantically is super funny and awkward for Wonder Girl, one of the best cell phone photos ever, and some simply perfect Superman dialogue). This leads to a very sweet ending.
With David Walker, Brian Michael Bendis' dialogue heavy style is very effective here on the script, as it really gives specific voices to each — Diana's deliberation, Barry Allen's speedy verbal cadence, et cetera. Likewise, the visual presentation of this by Scott Godlewski, Gabe Altaeb and Wes Abbott is superbly crisp and clear.
The only issue with this issue is that in and of itself, it could easily be forgotten. Had Young Justice #17 not been told and the last page have happened, much of it could be exposed through dialogue while something else was happening. This was a superbly enjoyable filler issue, but that doesn't make it any more cake and any less creme. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.
By Brian Michael Bendis, Scott Godlewski, John Timms, David F. Walker
This very special issue focuses directly on the friendship at the heart of Young Justice: Conner, Tim, and Bart – a.k.a. Superboy, Drake, and Impulse. As younger men, these three iconic heroes built Young Justice on their friendship. Now their dream has grown and changed as much as they have. And with the demands of adulthood pulling them in different directions, they realize that nights like this one may never happen again.

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