Aftercharge is Good, Insane Multiplayer Shooter Fun

Aftercharge is Good, Insane Multiplayer Shooter Fun

Chainawesome Games' Aftercharge is a 3-on-3 competitive PC game that pits invisible robots against an invincible security squad for some very dramatic tactical conflicts. Both teams are working to secure the six glowing extractors on each map – the robots have to coordinate their attacks to create distractions for the security squad so that they can sneak around and destroy the extractors, while the security squad obviously wants to stop the robots from reaching the extractors entirely. Which is a pretty simple capture-the-flag kind of mechanic. It's a tried and true multiplayer formula, which means it's a great platform to base an indie game around.

Because of the asymmetrical aspects of the game – the security squad are invincible while the robots are invisible – Aftercharge is balanced by being completely imbalanced. And so it creates an environment that requires players to come up with new strategies.

Aftercharge is Good, Insane Multiplayer Shooter Fun

That you can revive allies instantly with no limit and have no cooldown timers on any abilities just make the game even more chaotic. Put all of that on small maps with small teams and things get heated very, very quickly.

That said, it is absurdly fun because of how insane the whole experience is. I pretty much ran around screaming "oh god this is so stupid" with a smile on my face the whole time. It's a new approach to the multiplayer shooter genre, and I do think it'll do well.

Aftercharge is currently slated for release in summer of 2018.

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