Alan Stone The Co-Founder Of Nintendo America Has Passed Away At 71


Alan Stone is most notable in the gaming world for being the Co-Founder of Nintendo of America and a former CEO for Sega. The 71 year old passed away on the 17th of February after battling with cancer.

Of his many contributions to the gaming industry, Stone was instrumental in bringing many of Nintendo's games to the United States by co-founding Far East Video with Ron Judy. Following the success of Far East Video, he helped found Nintendo of America for that very purpose. Stone was also involved in the development of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) which was originally the Nintendo Family Computer project.

In 1994 Stone became Vice President and CEO of Sega Enterprises, where he remained for 10 years. In 2004 he moved on to working with several other games companies in California, including a stint as COO of Nanotech Media.

While at Nanotech in 2013, Stone took part in an interview which covers his work at Nanotech as well as his long career in games. It's worth a watch.

Stone leaves behind his partner Darlene, a daughter Christi and grandson Harper.

At this time, we would simply like to offer our condolences and support to Stone's family and friends.

Gamasutra and Intergame were the first to report.

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